Back to the Normal Way of Things

The marketing & promotional machine has run out of steam.  It has been a great couple of days. The free book promotion has passed and we’re back to normal. So now my book is in quite a few people’s hands and hopefully those people will enjoy it. Thank you for taking your time out for an Indie I look forward to further interactions and to hear your thoughts and read your reviews.  I love to talk to don’t be shy.

Another thing back to normal? Blogging and being just me.

For those new to my blog will find out I ramble. Sometimes its just a bunch a words and random thoughts, sometimes its something deep and meaningful. No matter what, I try to keep up with it quite a bit. I have made plenty of friends and I think I’ve almost infiltrated a wonderful group of blogging people (and writers, artists, motivators, similar ramblers) and might be able to blend in 😉 On top of that, the interaction with people is phenomenal. I spend a lot of time staring onto notebook paper then deciphering what I have to just stare into a screen.   

I do have to admit, when I can’t seem get those words flowing in the middle of the night I end up being a bit lazy and watch Netflix movies (watched Tai Chi Zero followed by Tai Chi Hero. If you don’t mind subtitles, I highly recommend) or play horror/survival video games. I’m quite a geek you see and very proud of it. I was quite sad that I couldn’t go to DragonCon again this year, but one day this will happen, I promise you that. I grew up standing the line between Star Trek and Star Wars never choosing a side. I have been a devoted Doctor Who fan since I was a child, I love vampires and zombies unless they come with a sappy love story then I run and hide. Yeah, we won’t go into me too much, you’ll learn 🙂



I have a horrid time with social media, although I have gotten better. I still don’t utilize what is all out there and cannot seem to find my way out of the paper sack of marketing, wishing someone would be lovely enough to do all of that for me for free 😀 since my money is being saved to take care of my sick little Ares, my adorably Miniature Pinscher. The whole time trying to keep the other furrling, River, occupied (or occupying me depending on the boredom factor).


Maybe something amazing will happen today and I will get the right motivation to write chapter upon chapter, but I will be satisfied with a few thousand words for now. More coffee though, definitely more coffee.

Coffee, Mac n Cheese, and Abba???…….guilty pleasures

I have quite a few contradicting guilty pleasures.  While a person is supposed to fit in the mold I have a tendency to be like that gelatin that just doesn’t form right and looks more like a blob that had a stroke.  I’m not even sure where that box is that I’m supposed to fit in. We all have our little quirks, that’s what makes us who we are.  Obviously I have already made that clear.

And this is why I  became a writer.  For certain it isn’t because I have mastered the English language or learned the perfect form to place on my paper, or even the concept of Point of View. (What? What’s that?  Oh yeah, that’s something other’s want to stay with.  Guess what? That’s what separators are for) From what I understand even the greatest of authors have their own quirks and how they do things. I have been informed that there is one very popular one out there that, instead of using separators, he just makes a whole new chapter!!! Good grief at the number of short chapters I would have at this point.

Oh, yeah I was talking about guilty pleasures.  I have TONS of them.  Do you have all morning?  I drink coffee and tea, dislike water.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE and kind of pasta with a cheese sauce, I could eat it every day if it were possible.  PowerPuff Girls. Yep. Bubbles is my fave.  In the same breath I can’t wait for the new season of Walking Dead to come on and the new season of Doctor Who to come on. Musical tastes?  hahahahahahahahahahaha. I’m hard core rocker.  Believe it? It’s possible, it really is.  I’m Disturbed for life, even got the stamp to prove it. That’s my preference.  But what do I have shuffling through that ol’ mp3? ABBA of course, Celtic music, some Dvorjak, and lots of dance music.  Cause I’m me 🙂  I love being me.  when I’m not overburdened with an overabundance of multiple things to do at the same time and it cause me to go into anxiety twitching then I have to hide away in my hobbit hole.  Crap. Here I am writing and what am I supposed to do?  You guessed it writing.  Just not here. Oops, you caught me.

Red out