I went Cliche the other day

and went to a coffee shop down the road.  I grabbed a tall caramel latte, laid out my notebooks, my laptop, pens and turned on the ipod.  I was a writer in a coffee shop.  See? Cliche.  I got some great work done, although my wallet cannot support me each and every time, and I finished up a chapter.  Then the fun started.  

What’s better than one writer in a coffee shop?  TWO!!! (Thanks to a 3rd writers comment on my first one) Two great friends sitting together and catching up over long due news and events.  When you have good friends around you it makes a very huge impact on how a person can feel about themselves, and I do so enjoy having friends with things in common.  Sometimes we forget that there are people out there.  It is quite easy to crawl into a hole to ding out what might be your next best section and forget everything that goes by.  How much do we miss doing that?  I know I miss a lot.  So the reality check is there saying  “Hello, remember me?  I’m your social perspective and you need to get out some,”  And that I did.

There is one thing that I have learned as I feel somewhat hopelessly stuck where I am at is that I actually do have friends.  What makes these friends great?  We all march to the beat of a different drummer, heck a few of us have our own bands.  Some of them literally, but no name dropping.  But somehow, between all of it we can still sit down to have a nice cup of coffee and talk. Just talk.  Music, movies, tv geekiness (yes I showed off my sonic screwdriver pen, you all probably just laugh or don’t believe me, but I’m thinking there should be a photo at the end of this) and life that just likes to give us a nice swift kick up the wazzoo to remind us to keep on truckin’.  I can honestly say that yesterday was a good day for me and cannot wait to do it again.

ImageMy very first autograph in what could only be considered wanna-be doctor writing (hey, I get that as double-speak now).  The new thing you learned about me is that I’m left handed.  Anyone willing to hold up a hand to be able to interpret my words into digital format?  I didn’t think so, but it’s always worth a shot.

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