What a fickle pickle people are these days

I see it every day.  Again, maybe its just because everything is in your face.  And I mean constantly.  The only thing I prefer to see in my face constantly is my cup of coffee.  Or I call it my survival juice after a long night of writing. 

I’m not even sure its a generation thing, although it seems like such. I see it some in my parent’s generation and I see it in all of them following.  We’re use to it.  We are so used to it we don’t think otherwise, actually.  If someone had told me that a cell phone seemed a necessity when I first got one as luxury (yeah I passed up the beeper during its rage, but that was more on the lines of strict parenting) I would have been snarky.  Look at us now.

I do not use the world fickle lightly, and I will not use the word ADD (Not ADHD whole other ball game) lightly either but good grief it is both.  If something is not IN YOUR FACE all the time then your mind wanders away from it.  I call it the Sparkly Syndrome.  I admit I have the S.S. but with actual sparkles.  Maybe its a childhood thing, I don’t know.  But that’s a minor distraction.  What I’m talking about is that things have been made where images are flashed are you constantly, sounds are thrown in your way, and always looking for the next best thing is the norm.  We do what our friends do, we do what we can’t afford so that we we can keep up  (as a people, not me specifically because I truly am the starving artist).  I honestly cannot keep up.  I’m not saying I’m humble, although I kind of think I run in that spectrum.  And that is where the disconnect happens.

I can’t keep up with the Sparkly Syndrome and keep my marketing in everyone’s face 24-7.  It is just NOT possible.  I tire of it.  I can’t afford someone to do if for me, so here I am.  Stuck in the middle.  I think I have a great novel on the market, or at least of medium quality at its worst. Yes I kind of mess around with the Point of View, but hey that’s who I am, I’m a writer not an English professor.  It’s a minor thing.  But the important thing is…..marketing and money.  What in the word does someone do?  Subliminal messages? I’d be on board if we could find a way to get this done with zero dollars down.  Oddly the website was started as a necessary.  The blog was suggested but I have found it’s a way to be therapeutic and maybe speak to someone who either understands or can enlighten me.  Please enlighten me. I can only put so many things up on Facebook, or on twitter, or on…..where else are things? Oh good grief I have a list I go down daily.  There is going to be a time when someone is going to seriously tell me to piss off, but then forget about me at the same time.  How fun is that?  Water slide and spash at the point, stick the hands up and go weeeeeeee

I know there was a book that I had read a while back, it was old by the time I read it, and I am now killing my brain thinking of it.  But I will also say there was a star trek (I think TNG but maybe Voyager, I watched them all) episode that dealt with the same situation.  The book was about how technology and all that quick switching of constant media and the way they watched things and interacted made it possible where they didn’t even need human contact.  Can you believe it?  Although being in a room full of people gives me anxiety enough as it is, I at least have that option. I could not imagine not seeing someone or touching them, or even sharing a round of my alcoholic drink of choice and dancing my cares away in the dark sticky floored clubs packed all together like sardines.  Is all that where we are headed though? I shiver at the thought.  

A favorite novel of mine touches upon the subject a little I think.  Dystopic maybe, but if someone has not picked up Fahrenheit 451, do it now!!! If not for the pure enjoyment of the book, but of the glimpses of today’s society that we already see, or that we are headed for.  *shivers*  It’s funny that Ray Bradbury seems to be most famous for that novel, although his other science fiction ones were pretty interesting too.  I’m quite certain there is a cult following surrounding it.  He considers that a minor thing in his writing career, and that is him being humble.  That book was thrust into my hand from my tenth grade literature teacher and I thank him each day for it.  It was MY Grapes of Wrath or To Kill a Mockingbird.  I’m not even sure Bradbury meant to do it but the foreshadowing in it is phenomenal.  

So that’s it.  Fickle pickle people.  Now the question remains, how do we get around it without truly succumbing to the beckoning of being like everyone else? How do we utilize those tool to get what we need done?  I don’t have a clue, I suppose I’m just pointing out the obvious.  I have no answers, I have plenty of opinions, but opinions are like……..noses, yeah I’ll go with that….everyone has one.  Then they move onto the next thing.  When someone can get a person to fixate on one thing for longer than a second let me in on that.  Because let’s see how much I can do of that marketing thing before I finally just explode and fall down broken from the over-clocking.  It’s my 88, one I hit 89 or 90 its over with, its done.  No back to the future, just a car that jumps around and sputters and becomes useless.

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