Day 5……the week is coming to an end soon; .99 cents anyone?

It should be more than a countdown at this point.  After the 7th day the book goes up again.  Who wouldn’t want to start their summer off right?  Who of your friends haven’t read it and are looking for something different to read?  

Big Question.  What would you choose.  Submit to the vampire culling, become a rebel IF you survive it, or work your way into becoming a vampire itself?  Those are the questions you should ask yourself.  Some prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse (I know I am) but has anybody prepared for a world where Vampires ruled the earth?  We’re not talking preparing to take over. It WILL happen.  In my book at least.  Check it out after you read the reviews.



DAY 4 .99cents…..have you taken advantage?

Amazon only peeps, I’m gonna crank it back up after day 7.  I thought that I owed a little something extra since I was out of commission for a little while.

Click on the book and it will magically teleport you to a world ripped apart by the emergence of the new dominant race, the vampires.  You’ll meet a strong willed woman who has no choice to move forward considering all the obstacles in her way.  The further she goes the darker she gets, blurring everything she knows about herself.


Day 2 of .99 cents

Waiting until the last day?  Come on Summer madness and grab you an ebook.

cover kindleTell your friends if you’ve liked Rise of a Queen (link on the name) or if they might find it interesting.  There are so many people I know that read only self help books yet suggest it to those that love a true hard as nails, real feeling, vampire story.  It’s not one to be likened to the teen tragedy.  Tessa is strong as are most of the people that come into their lives.  Buy, Love, Share, and prepare for the second which will be in Beta reading soon enough.

One more time, Rise of a Queen;  This Queen earned her title