In Case You Missed It

Of Darkness and Light

Over the past month you’ve been given a few little tastes of what’s in store for the next journey into The Vampire Realm.  In Case you missed it check out all the goodies.   Discussion points for all!

Has Tessa changed since becoming Queen of the Leveˊ’s?  What will she face now that the Krones have been defeated?

Watch as Tessa struggles with her conscience of who she was and who she is becoming

Emma has always made a point that she never wanted to be with Tessa.  What will happen when she gets her wish?

Emma escapes the compound to be with her mother, what will she come upon?  What will she learn on her journey?

Jason holds a duty and a position; what happens when things go amiss?  How does Jason handle himself in the new world with his new ward?

Fell it as he frantically searches for the most important thing to the Leveˊ empire, maybe even the human race.

Emma gets the reunion she has been wanting with her mother.

Is the reunion everything Emma has expected?

Once you’ve caught up you will be meet Ariana and let me tell you, writing anything about Ariana gives me goose bumps.  If you liked Tessa, you’ll love Ariana.  Catch up, stay tuned, and if you haven’t read Rise of a Queen or know someone you are dying to have a discussion about it with, Check out the many ways to get your copy on the main page HERE for your Kindle, Nook, Kobo or even a physical copy.


Be well and enjoy catching up.


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