Last thoughts for 2014

New yearsI didn’t want to leave 2014 without a few words to the outside world.  As you know I’ve come in and out of existence this whole year between writing frenzies, hibernation, information regarding the progression regarding Of Darkness and Light, the second book in The Vampire Realm series; just to disappear again off the radar.

As I swim in my many thoughts of how 2014 has played out I cannot help but think of the ebbs and flows that I have had.  I have had personal triumphs and setback.  Joyous occasions and devastating ones.  Every time I think I get back on track, life likes to remind me to slow down.  My last few posts were of such happiness they seem ages ago. The holidays stopped for me. I don’t even recall celebrating them. What I do think about is the deaths of my aunt and then the woman closest to my heart, my grandmother, within a span of 10 days of each other.  The tragedies hit my family very hard and has been making it rather difficult to get back on track.  I spent no less than 32 hours driving in a car back and forth between North Carolina and Tennessee.  Leaving on a Friday to get back home on a Monday only to have enough time to unpack, clean my clothes and prepare for the next journey a week later.  Family gathered, tears were shed, memories shared. I think 2014 will be a year of reflection to say the least.

Coming into 2015 I hope that things will become brighter, with many things changing and coming up.  I hope to connect with all of you once again.  So let’s have great thoughts and cheers to you all as you ring in the New Year soon enough and as you enjoy yourself think positive.  Most of all, be careful because you are each very precious and special.

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  1. Hope you have a happy and healthy new year!

  2. Oh wow, that much travel and such tragedies. 😦

    I am thinking good thoughts about 2015. Things will be better.


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