Rise of a Queen on Sale!!


The Holidays are among us and it will be a very busy one.

We’ve got Chanukah, Christmas, Festivus (for the rest of us 🙂 ), HumanLight, Kwanzaa, and Yule/Solstice.

In celebration of them all Rise of a Queen will be at the sale price of $1.99 USD at Amazon.  Of course it’s not just sold in the US store so if you’re in another country check it out.

Other good news, I think, is that my experiment with Amazon KDP Select is finally over and I am putting the book back into circulation on the other online stores, so keep watch on here, my Facebook, or Twitter as the information rolls in.  I’m super excited to be able to grace the online shelves of Barnes & Noble again, the iStore and other such lovely places.  I’ve been asked multiple times and have been saddened to be locked into a contract with Amazon.

I’m doing all this because I am getting rather excited guys!  The holiday season is here with it’s pluses and minuses but also I’ve hit over 73K words on Of Darkness and Light and see an end in sight.  I’m HOPING (hope with me guys, I’ll need the support) to have it out there by the 2 year Anniversary of Rise of a Queen, which is in February.

So friends, if you’ve read my book and love it, please pass this information along to people who you think might enjoy a winter read.  If you haven’t it is a lovely time to get prepared for the next in the series coming soon.

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    Big holiday sale!

  2. I liked writing, and take on the vampire genre.

    • It’s an interesting genre that is underappreciated sometimes even with its deep roots

      • The vampires here don’t sparkle, I won’t spoil the details for other readers. Indeed vampires have deep roots, and is more freakier depending on which folklore.

        Speaking of which, I wonder if someone out there is writing fiction with a revenant.

      • I’m quite certain someone has or will. In the novel sense? Maybe check out smashwords and their indie books. I do know it seems to be a popular theme in comic books.

        And the next installment of my series there is going to be a huge mesh between history, mythology/folklore with Tessa’s world. I’ve been so excited coming closer to completion

      • I haven’t read comic books, I dunno if smashbooks sells their ebooks in Canadian market. I will check kobo if they still indie ebooks.

        I lost respect for Kobo and WH Smith, considering in the UK, indie authors are still banned.

        I will use draft2digital when it comes distributing ebooks.

        Best of luck to your next installment of your series.

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