Apparently I’ve been posting only to never have them go through

I’m not sure if it’s the phone app or my complete lack of being in the real world as of late, but apparently I’ve been scheduling posts and they’ve never actually posted. Most of them are irrelevant at this point but do I get points for trying?

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  1. Definite points. I’ve had that happen a few times when using my phone. Tend to get suspicious if I hit 2pm with no blog activity.

    • That was what made me suspicious. Either that or I really am on people’s poop list

      • Yeah. You’re bound to get at least a like at some point. How many posts were pushed into the shadows?

      • Three :/ and even though it’s silly there was reference to some world cup love I’ve got going on for my old favorite team

      • That sucks. They still in the competition?

      • Deutschland uber allies 🙂 I haven’t watched soccer since living in Germany so I’m feeling super excited. I’m not a sports person either

      • I’m just happy my team got out of the Group of Death.

      • Who’s your team? I was dying USA Germany match because I pull for both sides

      • USA. They’re making things interesting at least.

      • Yeah that’s for sure. I gave their goalie heavy props for defending against Germany. The one score made was such a one two kinda thing I don’t think most would have gotten that

      • The game was definitely nerve-wracking. Though it was made a bit worse by the announcers pointing out the disadvantages that USA had. Team with the most miles traveled during the 1st round, no team had won their game after playing in Menaus, Group of Death, etc. Eventually you start to wonder if FIFA had it in for them.

      • I think USA hasn’t really shown in the past and maybe that’s why? Idk, I hadn’t seen soccer in years. Maybe they were butt hurt over their play with Portugal before because their love affair with Renaldo feel flat and he under performed bringing them further into the cup, the furthest they have ever been

      • Not sure Rinaldo had anything to do with it. We tend to be ignored or pitied in soccer. At least from what I can tell.

      • Americans never embraced it so they got what they paid for. I remember years ago hearing USA soccer players made less than a teacher which is crazy for sports. Recently they have had an influx of talent and they are paying them decent. Hopefully it’s a sport that is going to be successful. That’s all I heard before and during the game was Rinaldo and I kinda laughed because I couldn’t see what the big deal was. They were having their school girl crush and he didn’t hold up to the hype to me.

      • I think it’s because American sports need those ‘super players’ to pay attention to. Think about football, baseball, and basketball. You hear more about individual players than the teams, so that’s what they’re trying to do with soccer. People are having a field day with Suarez right now. Still, I think soccer has the ‘problem’ in this country that we don’t really understand or respect it. The flopping, a timer that never stops, and other things seem to throw us. I still enjoy it and I like American football too, so I guess I’m strange.

      • I like that the timer doesn’t run out. No overtime and all that. Means I can schedule things accordingly. It is funny all the things they do to waste time and that “magic spray”. Americans as a whole probably don’t embrace it because we didn’t invent it and we’re obsessed with ownership. Think of the sports that aren’t and look at the type of people who watch. I have a particular US football team I root for but I never worry about individual players, like you were saying. It’s either the team or nothing to me and I wish we’d get over the celebrity sportsman.

      • They still do over time or add minutes, don’t they? As for us not inventing it, not really sure about that. We accept hockey and that isn’t something that came from us. One thing I notice is that Americans tend to get teased a lot when it comes to soccer. That probably doesn’t help things, especially when we say the name and get scolded for not calling it football. Hard to get on the bandwagon when you’re made to feel like the uninvited guest.

      • Minutes but not for a tie and add possibly SSN hour of unrecorded gameplay and ruin TV shows. I live in the south. They don’t embrace soccer or hockey. A lot of people are all about ‘Merica. Of course they are not everyone. Those are the ones who still say the south won the civil war also. I’ve always said American football and futbol to differentiate. Of course I’m a dual citizen so I’m the odd duck. You’re right though.

      • Nascar country. Gotta love those left-hand turns. 😀

      • And SEC country. I’m glad I’m at least out of Alabama because those fans are nuts. I detest NASCAR. Don’t forget huntin’ and fishin’.

      • I lived in Florida, which had it’s good and odd areas. Some places you felt like you crossed over into another country.

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