Inspiration Vacation

image courtesy of vitasamb2001/ /

image courtesy of vitasamb2001/ /

So as we go along with this reemergence thing I’ll announce a new little trip I have coming up.  Those who’ve been following me on Twitter and Facebook will probably feel like this is old news, but it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t tell it straight from the blogs page.  I’m taking a vacation and it is going to be bloody awesome!  I’m heading up north to visit with an aunt I haven’t seen since college and she’s going to take me to New York City.  The most I’ve done regarding The Big Apple is visit the Statue of Liberty when I was lovely little band geek for one of our trips and drive through on my way to Connecticut the last time I made a visit to my aunt.  Needless to say I am completely looking forward to this.  So much so I’ve decided to open up an Instagram account to share in the new adventures of a more exposed me.  Go me right? I’ll make sure to blog when I’ve shot the inaugural picture, which I hope will be more profound and less cheesy (I don’t choose the goofy life, it tends to choose me). I’ve had my wheels spinning lately and with some help I’m feeling much more confident and can feel the inspiration hitting me just thinking about it.

I can’t wait to share with you all the wonderful and exciting adventures that I happen upon (or at least some cool pictures because I can’t promise I’m 24/7 kind of entertaining).

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