Technology Overload…….my vacation from the world


Calling my last few months a vacation would be the super sweet Willy Wonka version in the least.  Have you ever had a perfect storm of the mind?  Where so many things happen at once then all of a sudden *BOOM* you’re swept away waiting for the clean-up?  I suppose you can say that is what happened to me.  As most of you know, I struggle with understanding and keeping up with the many forms of social media and no matter what I do there is always more to do that had to be done yesterday.  I triumphed for quite a while and got into a good rhythm I had thought.  That was when the joy of the holidays swept upon my household and all the demanding things that went with it.  The strong pull of that current rocked my brain back and forth and probably loosened a few boards off my ship.  When the footing began to slip a few personal matters crept up on me and with my editing mixed with all these other beastly things it created that perfect storm.  I’m not sure how sudden it happened but the storm that brewed was ferocious.  The power flickered and for a while nothing but a lull of silence inside.  The lights were on but I don’t think anyone was home.  A short circuit.  Things like that are bound to happen and the positive about it is that I held on pretty tight through it all.

One thing that I can tell you is that the waters are to a slight lapping of the waves and land has been spotted.  That electronic disconnect that has happened…..let’s hope it’s over and done with and I continue on my way.

Now if you will excuse me, this storm analogy has me wondering if my creativity has sprung back to life or I’m sitting in that life boat in that completely off colored life vest.

Just know that I’ve been resurfacing and with assistance I might just make it in the big giant world that surrounds me.

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  1. Welcome back. That storm analogy is perfect for those kinds of events.


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