I admit it.  I did nothing to participate in this November writer extravaganza and feel that glow of accomplishment among my peers who succeeded in their month long goal of 50k words.  By all means I am on no way knocking it, seriously.  One big reason? Stress of coming up with something while simultaneously working the rest of book 2 out would probably turn me into either a raging lush or a homicidal maniac.  Maybe if lucky the combination of the two would make it entertaining.  So I have passed.  I do want to congratulate those who have or are very close to completing because you have worked your tail off to get there and its the final countdown *cue the music* and I can’t wait to see the pride from all who tried.
Me?  I will attempt to let this year pass me by and maybe jump in another year.

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  1. I with you. I’m impressed by everyone who did it, but my plate is too full to add something else to it. Going by how much of my book I finished this month, I would have failed anyway.

    • I’m feeling that way to begin with do maybe another year we can attempt and see who comes out of it more sane

      • Maybe. I’d need something around here to settle down before I tried. I don’t really know the rules, so I’m not sure if I could just continue writing a book I was already working on.

      • That was a big question on my end and I think it would be ok. I believe you just have to start fresh words at the beginning. I contemplated it to kick me in the pajama pants to finish.
        I need about 10 things just to not happen around here before I could. Ahhhh to only be alone in a cabin

      • I dream of such a cabin every day.

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