Changes to Come!

If you haven’t gone over to CSB then check it out and wait for the changes. A wonderful group of people with such talent!

The Community Storyboard

Ionia and I have been discussing the current situation in the CSB.  Growth and interaction have been minimal, so we have decided on making some changes.  The month of December will see a few minor changes in how things operate while we discuss the big changes.  I’m being vague because we haven’t decided on exactly what we will do.  One thing that will occur is that the CSB will be closed for the first half of January to give it a new look, new rules, and clean house.

Now, the situation is that we’ve been having complaints about the quality of posts.  This has put us in a position where we have to consider major changes.  To try and stem the tide of complaints, I’m going to put some reminders here:

  • Please do not post for the sake of posting.  We want your best and would prefer you post quality…

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