What is your Halloween Creature?

The spooky time is near, and no matter the reason for celebrating….the best known being trick or treating, decorating, and candy stuff (the occasional party I dream in my head of having).  I also know the sacredness of Samhain for my earthy friends, the Dia De Los Muertos the day following with its special rituals and memories/ All saints day.  If I am forgetting anything, please enlighten me as I do not intend to mock.

SETTING THAT ASIDE: I have a question.  A true question for real answers.  With all the followers I have I would think maybe a bit of response to this fun and games would make a little bit of a cute Q & A.

question 1) What is your favorite “spooky” or scary character/thing, real or fictitious.  From Literature past to present, to movies, real things, you make the choice.   I will share mine (although you may know a bit of my prejudice).

question 2) Why have they become your favorite?

Question 3) What is the thing you fears most and why?

So lets begin!!!

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  1. I like a gal who touches on more than one base/version of a holiday:) I don’t see many mentioning the Dia de los Muertos. I too continue to dream of hosting (if not attending) a particular themed costume party.

    Your questions are a bit confusing. You want my favorite fictional or real scary creature of interest? The third question is poorly written. Do you mean to ask what scares me the most?

    I will do my best to answer…
    1) My favorite scary/spooky creature/character of fiction/video media? That’s a tough one. I tend to go for the less vicious female vampire-type characters. The Morticia Addams look, slim-waisted with long dark hair, pale skin and glowing/mesmerizing eyes in a tattered “coffin dress”. Even better/cooler if they can sprout bat wings (but not turn into a bat). I like Mysteria from Filmation’s Ghostbusters for similar reasons. But, there are a number of spooky characters/creatures I (might) like. I don’t exactly say I like anything that is truly scary to me, though.
    2) So, why is Morticia/Mysteria a favorite? Easy enough. It’s the fine line between eerie and sexy without being gory. No blood. Just a little bit of chill up the spine and a soothing/alluring presence.
    3) What scares me the most? Failure…poisonous/lethal creatures…those would be the big two. Why? I am not sure how to answer that.

    • thanks for bringing it to my attention. I love how edit becomes wonky sometimes and it didn’t post the edit last night. I hope its a bit clearer now, although no promises.

      Morticia is an admirable one. I love her in all her dark beauty and her very calming nature…..knowing she’s not the best influence 🙂

      Failure is a constant fear and totally understandable. Any specific poisonous/lethal creature in particular?

      • It looks like ol’ Chuck answered for me:P I used to have a huge fear of spiders. It has lessened over the years though they are the thing I run into most (but not the lethal ones). I guess wasp/hornet stings have been my most consistent means of becoming unsettled. But, there are worse creatures out there like snakes and scorpions. I don’t mind non-poisonous snakes, at all.

        I don’t mess with Poe, anymore. I saw a scary theater show once that turned me off.

  2. Tough questions. Well, I fear spiders and failure the most. Odd combination, but that’s the list, minus one embarrassing thing.

    I don’t really know if I have a favorite spooky character. I don’t read or watch a lot of spooky stuff. If I had to pick someone from reality then I’d go with Edgar Allan Poe. The man had a real sense of the macabre and wrote epically creepy stories.

    • With Poe you get into some really dark symbolism along with the actual beings so that can be pretty spooky and spine chilling.

  3. 1. Werewolves
    2. They are awesome and not vampires (sorry about that, lol)
    3. Rejection. 😦

  4. It is easy for me. Pennywise the clown is both my favorite scary character, and what I am terrified of. I hate clowns. It, literally became my favorite the instant I read the book. King wrote the character in such a way that connected to me on a very deep level. Then watching the Tim Curry portrayal of Pennywise, cemented it for me. He played it exactly as I had imagined it. It was so creepy. I haven’t been able to see Tim Curry the same way since.


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