An Interview with Scott Marlowe

An Interview with Scott Marlowe

Author edit: As an experiment I have decided to see what the fuss with KDP Select was all about and see how much it changes things.  When the experiment is over I can fully come to my conclusion.  That is the only thing that has changed in the interview

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  1. That was a really good interview. I’m like you, just kind of sporadic with everything. It’s why I’ve never been able to finish any of my “novel” ideas, ahahaha. I liked what you had to say about KDP Select and Amazon cornering the market. Also spot on imo about the reviews.

    • Thanks! I honestly thought it was a great format for questions, and kind of outside the box in a way. Of course I am experimenting with Select just so I can speak of more first hand knowledge. But the whole review thing is so……well we all know the frustrations of that sucker. Its kind of like one “awww sh**” nixes out 100 “atta boys”, right?
      you’re goofy :p but love your play on words. lol. And just like me your brain is sporadic in where it goes right? Seriously I have the attention span an adhd dog ready to yell “squirrel” at any moment

  2. Great interview. Where’s my drink…I was promised a drink!

    • infusing in the freezer just for you my dear. I have a fall spiced vodka we need to try together!!! You realize you are way too far from me. If teleporters existed this very day….oh the fun we’d have


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