What next?

Now that I have announced my upcoming promotion in regard to my free e-book download I feel the need to stare at my blog space and think hard…..maybe too hard.  I feel the need to say something so witty, so profound that it will go down in the books as the best post ever in the entire universe.

Well, that’s never going to happen and I would self-check myself into any ward that would take me if I thought that grande.

Instead we’ll go with something simple. maybe two, maybe three off the wall ideas that float off the top of my head.  I wish I could invoke George Carlin at this very moment since he is known to just pull up single ideas and turn it into rolling ball of laughter and deep thought.


We will go with The Dog Days of Summer. I began in one southern state that was so hot and humid before the official beginning of summer I was afraid what was in store for me.  Then I moved (Still in the Southeast US) and it became glorious.  My allergies cleared up, the days were cooler, the humidity didn’t have me gasping for air, and I have sidewalks.  YES SIDEWALKS.  I’m not quite certain Alabama really understands what a sidewalk is unless its downtown, and even then they are as cracked as the terrible streets they are parallel to.  As Summer slowly rolls down I am now getting some heat push-back, but one thing is that its not raining; that has happened a lot.  I had to check the address to make sure I hadn’t moved back to the UK.  ANYWAY—–see I lose all sense of direction when I think hard—–time will be changing, fall will be coming, I will welcome the brisk wind on my face, the pumpkin spice in the air (waiting for the Latte’s, but really can’t wait to make my cheesecakes), the quiet nights sitting on my porch, cup of tea in hand and just looking up to the sky through the ever changing rainbow of leaves.  I do miss this part of the country, the beauty of autumn.  So what is the equivalent of Dog Days of Summer?


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