Can we get to some serious fighting already?

Seriously, I mean it.  I love battle, I love war and death and all things in between.  In my writing that is.  So I am at a part  (In book two mind you) where I have overcome the hump of the little romance I have brewing on the side, as torturous as that is for me, I see the future ahead of me, I know the words that will come out of my mouth, but am I crazy for just wanting to get to the fighting?  Yeah yeah, there are accomplishments along the way,which are very fun might I add.  A lot of ill intentions and revelations along with more torture and things of the like.  

I just see it, clear as day.  I have seen it for years actually, and I am getting so close I’m salivating.  I’m so close I can smell the blood, taste the sweat, and feel the pain of it all.  I’m sure it’s such a simple answer “Well write it silly” and that I will.  I just don’t feel like I’m ready for it yet.  I need the other accomplishments to finish their paths so it all meets up to this one huge blowout of a bloodbath with a detrimental change to most characters involved.  Once I have done that, don’t you think it would be hard to go back and write the lead-up once again?  Maybe its my carrot on the stick, maybe its just my path to follow, or maybe its just that I’m a stubborn old coot who wants things in their place and when they take place for I know that once this battle is done it is only the beginning of a much bigger war that will make me salivate even harder; with that I will need to get to book three.

So as much as I want fighting and war and that pinnacle moment with a ton of spoilers, and probably a few people who are wondering why I would do such a think to one of their favorite characters, I will wait my turn.  It won’t be long, it just will have to come when it does.

Don’t mind me, I’m going to go pout for a moment to let it all sink in.

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  1. You know… you don’t have to actually write in order… if you want to write the cool stuff, go ahead! 🙂

    • Oh I hardly ever write in order and am still deciding on whether to section it out to the climax or have it in timeline order. Its just I would feel less….eager maybe?
      Possibly need to earn my reward. lol

      • Ahhh, that makes sense. Work before pleasure! 🙂

      • As are the ways of the world so it seems, right?
        Unless I get super peeved and feel the need to create a character just to kill them off, then we might be all good.

  2. I dream about my fight scenes at times, so I try to fake myself into thinking that I’m fine-tuning them until I can actually write them. Then they never go as planned.

    • or is it they don’t live up to your expectations?

      I find it interesting the final course of the fight in my brain is like slow motion 2 key groups of people do the slow walk with their pride up, hair blowing, and some cool music in the background. Yeah, thats never going to happen. lol

      • They typically do, but I always manage to include a series of moves that forces the battle to take an odd turn. Usually, a strike that would end the fight is blocked and then I have my hero on the ropes. My 5th book is filled with wild battles and crazy final blows.

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