To SELECT or not to Select

I’m talking about KDP of course.  The other online stores are waivering in many things, and its not just me from what I’m reading.  99% of everything is through Amazon.  Obviously this is a question for the Indie Authors.  It means real response folks 🙂

Would I still be able to link it to Amazon or would I give up that right?  It seems a lot like to travel from this page, or another promotional page, to do so.  Tried and true question I’m still scratching head on.  The big one… it too late to even worry about at this point?

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  1. I would say go KDP Select if the other sites aren’t doing anything for you. It gives a boost and you can gain some attention from people on other ereaders. Not sure what you mean by still being able to link to Amazon.

    • I was reading somewhere in the massive rules something about promoting and such? I was certain I read that that no other place to could link back to it, but wasn’t certain if I read it wrong or if anyone had any real experience with it

      • I never heard of that. The only rule I know is that no other site, including the author’s blog, can sell or give away a digital copy.

      • ahhhh so maybe it was talking about sales in general. So promotion is okay as long as they don’t buy it specifically from me or any other site, linking is okay?
        That would make more sense.

      • That’s right. This is only for digital,so paperbacks aren’t exclusive.

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