The Ick of Romance

We know I’d don’t do romance all too well.  The thought of it kind of, well, makes me nauseous so to speak.  The first Vampire Realm had elements in there but Love, devotion, NECESSITY (all who’ve read know what that necessity is) are totally different than romance.  So it is a hurdle I have crossed, but I swear it felt like pulling teeth.  I went the innocent and sweet route, but I still hold onto my hard core way of thinking and am quite happy that it is not Tessa that has to deal with it, but Jason.  Tessa’s still ruthless, yet this time around curious and determined for one specific goal, to find out why something is happening and how it can be changed or taken care of.  

Emma’s journey will be quite different, and as much as you may have hated her, you will feel sorry for her or sad soon enough.  Her eyes get widened and reality sets in.  Jason’s growth is just that, and I felt he deserved a little happiness for his loyalty; but just a little.  I wouldn’t be me if everyone was happy all he time.  

Going back to the romance part, just ick.  I like what I have done, so proud I did it and it looks great.  Even writers have to push past their comfort zone every now and then, don’t they?

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  1. I have to agree that romance isn’t a big love of mine. Still, it’s helpful for subplots that bring depth to characters. Not sure I’ve read a book that didn’t have some type of romance in it.

  2. Romance keeps it real, as they say. It adds another hook to keep the reader wanting more. Having said that, I also struggle with shoehorning romance into my books. I’m far more interested in watching the characters survive everything I throw at them than actually letting them have a bit of fun on the side.
    Nice post, I’m glad I’m not alone.

    • nope not alone. We can non-romance our way out of things together now. In my first I’ve got love, I’ve got sex, but romance…..ugh. I’m not Danielle Steel or Nora Roberts and I wouldn’t even dare to be. Now hold on while I grab the nearest garbage can.


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