The things one’s find in the most awkward of places

I have been known to do many things in regard to misplacement. The last one I blogged about was the misplacement of a file, a section of a book written that was ready to be placed.  I will forever look for Untitled Document 2 if I ever lose one again, by the way.  My keys end up everywhere but the hook, my laptop was once sandwiched in the middle of a huge historical literature that I read for funsies and ideas.  My cell phone will forever and always end up hiding somewhere thanks to the fact that I refuse to shell out over $30 for a case, and even so finding one that is a Tardis would be harder, so a-hiding we will go.  There is always a straggler in the shoe family and forget about matching socks.  Flip flops are great for the summer anyway 😀  I have even put remote’s in the freezer before.  Who knows why these things happen but they do.  I place things and forget where they are at; I am human after all.  Or am I?  As a lovely Danish woman loves to tell the tale of the Nisse elf around the winter holiday season, I realize that maybe somewhere deep down inside I have a wee bit of Nisse in me.  I liked the history of the elf itself, but basically its quite mischievous in hiding thing and sometimes doing some unmentionable things if he/she does not get what it wants.  A few quotes, and yes Wikipedia because I would hate to misquote Ms. Lone.  “a particular gift was a bowl of porridge on Christmas night. If the nisse was not given his payment, he would leave the farm or house, or engage in mischief” “The nisse liked his porridge with a pat of butter on the top.”  If he didn’t get that…..stand back folks and expect a lot of things to just totally happen at random.  Your objects get misplaced and sometimes, if he’s very angry, well just read the Wiki.  ANYWAY I have decided my inner subconscious is a Nisse.  I don’t have the figure for it and I’m not quite from the Scandinavian region of origin it explains everything.


If I haven’t lost my mind yet I believe I would displace that quite often.

So what have found out that have been misplaced?  2 mechanical pencils, a red pen and a black pen.  In my hair like chopsticks,  I am certainly not the only writer that does this, but kind of curious what people’s numbers are.  The sad thing is, nobody in the family ever seems to think twice to tell me.  I’m at it alone.  At least I have them on hand to draw out my map for the next section of this book.  Thats what I was doing when I realized it.  In the floor, mapping things out to get a visual.

Hint:  Someone of great historical value belonged to a secret society of vampires.  It helped him in his grand conquests.

Map of the Conquests of Alexander the Great 336-323 BC


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  1. Couldn’t find the Wiki, but they sound like Brownies and Boggarts. Also, I think Amazon has Tardis cellphone cases if you really need one.

    • darnit, I thought it was linked, I put it on there. Seems things are really wonky for my lately.

      I’m still mad at Amazon, but when I’m not so mad I might look again. 😀

      • Amazon is really annoying authors these days.

      • its what I’m gathering. I honestly wish they had a better relationship with the authors like I hear they used to. It is hard to even put the book in the right category. Big reason I didn’t go into Select.

      • I wonder what happened. I’ve read some articles that hint they were taken advantage of by some authors, so they’re cracking down on things. Though, they could just be catering to vocal customers at the expense of the authors.

      • Some authors were playing the 99 cent card or free just to get their book up in ranks or something even though it was a crap book. I call that good marketing, but meh. Then there were a few other things. Basically I think publishing houses and a few others cried foul and unfair and it went that direction, but thats the conspiracy theorist in me. They used to have wider variety of categories (as smashwords, B&N and a lot of others) and they condensed them, making it harder to find. So of course there was a great tagging system….that they got rid of. The tags allowed now are only half as good. Indie’s really are getting strung along. Another big thing (again reading message board and articles like crazy) is authors hating on others authors boo-hooing they are not getting their fair share from all the “cheating”. I want my fair share too but their tirades led to things more difficult for the rest of us

      • I’ve seen the cheating argument. I got hit by it too because somebody thought I had too many 5-star ratings. That was the whole lost review thing that happened a month ago. I think Amazon doesn’t know who to listen to and it’s decided that indie authors are going to use them no matter what. The Nook is nearly dead and Smashwords isn’t making a big dent in the market, so indie authors are kind of stuck.

      • I lost a few reviews also; they went quickly actually and I didn’t even know them personally so it made me furious. They are starting to become a big Monopoly that we are stuck in because we’re, unfortunately, in the middle of a big transition.
        Agreed on the other places. They seem ALMOST a waste of time. I put mine up on smashwords for the distribution but those other sites hardly get hits by people in general. Why should they? Kindle has a reader app for most of the other readers out there. Nook is their only competition and that’s not much of one.
        We’re in a world where the Lit agent is basically dead or a mule for the publishing houses, the houses meet in a secret society form to keep things the way they were, with less heart and more $$$ signs not willing to change with the way things are going.
        Then there are the readers. People afraid to give reviews or afraid to rock the boat and stand up, as are some of the authors who want the boat to themselves. (Hey its not the Titanic, we’re all good 😀 )

      • We probably just have to ride out the wave of whatever this is. Those that are determined will make it through to the end.

      • that’s about all we can do. But oh the crushed souls in the process and you and I both know there are days like that for us too. I’m newer to the game and trying my hardest.

      • I think we’re in the same generation. I keep pushing forward. At least I’m trying.

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