Quiet night, just the right kind of emotion, and a strong will to push forward

Yep, I’m talking about Book 2 of The Vampire Realm.  3,519 words to be exact, and remember this is first draft.  It may not seem like much, but trust me those are words that are hard to come upon with a writer that loves to go for the goal of over 80-100K words.  When I do something I do it grand.

I can promise that it will be nothing short of the first one and learning the stories of the characters you seemed intrigued about (I bet one piqued your interest) will hold your attention as your emotions get wrapped up in their lives before reaching a pinnacle moment in the book only to be brought to a new, exciting twist that will have you salivating for the third.

Yes, I am proud of myself.  I hope I can accomplish what I have done with the first book and blow it out of the water, bringing the series back to life.  All proceeds will still go toward my – baby boy Ares to make sure he can get tested since vet’s aren’t keen on payment plans.  Hopefully it will give answers enough to not need surgery, which I will obviously post.

So about the quiet night.  I have one.  A moment of clarity and an epiphany came to me on how to word the next section since i could give you a rundown of the entire synopsis of the series right now, but what fun is that?  I am hoping for more quiet nights with just the right moments to keep this moving along.  I have a few Beta readers ready to go, still contemplating on how to do what i can, to wait until I am done or piece by piece.

The emotion.  That one is a tough one.  I am full of it lately.  I have moved so there is the new adventure part.  I have been saddened, I have been tugged back and forth in a world that I wish I could make as comforting as possible; I am quite empathetic and am very adamant on freeing someone who seems almost trapped in the life they lead.  I have been happy.  Those moments can be fleeting but do exist.

I do admit to my stubbornness and somewhat shame for not getting the move on.  All my ducks are in a row and all I have to do is type it out.  Oh wait, its much harder than putting simple words on a paper.  If it were that easy I think everyone would do it, although you would be quite surprised what you could do if you put your mind to do.

I also admit to something else.  I have gone to the movies.  I enjoyed World War Z, realizing it was just a different story and probably a prequel of some sort.  As flawed as some things were it was completely entertaining.  I have been gaming.  I picked up Resident Evil 4 once again and find it as interesting as I did the first time.  I also got quite involved in a game I highly recommend (unless you’re a shoot it up kind of person that likes to go online to do all that stuff, although it is there).  The Last of Us.  It is done by the same people who did the Uncharted series, which I loved also.  Actual story-line, great graphics, among stealth and action.  Oh and my new obsession, Patrick Stewart and Will Wheaton on Twitter.  Sir Patrick has entertained me fully, and don’t judge me, I find him quite…..well lets just say he is one my list of favorites.  I know you judge, you must.  You are now questioning everything else I have said.  Fear not my blog readers and book fans, it is just a part of the proud girl geek that i am.

Don’t forget, book proceeds will go to Sir Ares, my 10yr old miniature pincher.  I would hate to have to set up a donation site.  It’s unfortunate us Independent authors get paid a little at a time and sometimes that is not enough to cover such costs.  I do thank those who have helped so far and will constantly keep everyone updated on how Ares is doing.  His joint medicine is working.  Lets hope the insides will work just as well and that the outcome will be minor.

Book and Ares will send you to both.

The book picture will get you to Amazon.  For those interested in the kindle version, head over to my author page from the cute little picture of Ares I am sharing once again.

ImageAres now 2

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  1. I just had to follow Patrick Stewart after reading this. 😀


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