The Girl Who Tore Through Notebooks like a cat on catnip

That’s what I looked like.  Enraged, high, anxious, frustrated, you name it I was feeling it.  Maybe I should explain.  For those who have read some on the blog, or know me personally, know that I have moved.  I used to live in a crummy state and I like it where I am at right now.  I’m finally getting back into the groove of writing and a light-bulb went off in my head.  I have a certain section I wanted to add to.  It was perfect, the descriptions, it conveyed everything I wanted to be told in a way that I could never be able to recreate that moment of writing.  So that was when the freak out happened.  I kid you not, I had already unopened my notebook boxes and have my office set up.  I have no less than 10 notebook strategically lying around the house.  I also have a PC, that is where everything finalizes, and of course my little netbook that helps me in the car or when I’m out of town.  Don’t forget the flash drive please.

It was this piece of work that turned this night time, settling in to do some writing kind of chick into a bee on steroids,  I was buzzing all over the place, my heart in my chest and the pounding in my ears just a tad louder than the tinitus, my breathes drew tight, panic mode was on a countdown.


(Not my office but a good rendition of how it as at this moment)

Two notebooks nothing……….3.  We’re on the 5th one, nothing……..2.  None of the flippin notebooks have it????………1. BOOM.  The tirade began and of course being the middle of the night I have no audience.  I looked at the PC, it was a long shot but I had to start somewhere.  I even looked on the flash drive.  It SHOULD be there but isn’t.  Note to self, stick everything on the flash drive or die!!!! Oh and tea and biscuits for morning please.  Paper Products that may have been lying around that I decided to job things down on….nothing.  Netbook, there are so many things on here I wasn’t sure.  Seriously though, it had been found.  It will no longer be Untitled Document 2 I will tell you that.

So I took in a deep breath, sat down, chamomile and lavender tea in hand getting read to show the magic a certain one one holds for the future.

And the early Beta starts!!!!

I’m over 50k words into the first book, and those have not been finalized so it is a draft.  Real draft ready to be molded and suggested.  I would prefer someone who read the first to be able to understand what’s going on, or you could read it for grammar issues (A rule that I suck at).  Things will be handed out in sections of course, but I wanted to get a little heads up this time.  Am I jumping the broom too soon?

email me @ – Subject Line Beta Reader interest.

Am I jumping the gun on this?  I’m new to having extra help 🙂

I love my peeps that have helped me and Ionia and Charles that have kept me going with that cattle prod of theirs.

Day 2 of .99 cents

Waiting until the last day?  Come on Summer madness and grab you an ebook.

cover kindleTell your friends if you’ve liked Rise of a Queen (link on the name) or if they might find it interesting.  There are so many people I know that read only self help books yet suggest it to those that love a true hard as nails, real feeling, vampire story.  It’s not one to be likened to the teen tragedy.  Tessa is strong as are most of the people that come into their lives.  Buy, Love, Share, and prepare for the second which will be in Beta reading soon enough.

One more time, Rise of a Queen;  This Queen earned her title

I am taking on a suggestion………99 cent ebook for the rest of the week

Rise of a Queen is on sale for 99 cents for the rest of the week on Amazon.  This little gift of a price drop is because I haven’t run a contest in a while and have been so preoccupied moving and all the life things that seem to get in the way.

So here ya go!  Enjoy  is here.

It seems natural to blog…..but no matter what, it started because I have a book to share

Yes, self promotion.  Obviously I haven’t been doing enough.  It is definitely something I should be doing more of.  My author page is the front of this blog and can easily be reached HERE.  

My blogging did start off as an offshoot of my baby, Rise of a Queen.  It is still my primary purpose.  There is no doubt the sequel will find its way out soon, so of course I would like for people to be interested and prepare for the progression of the characters and the storyline.  If you haven’t made your way to my main page, the author page, meander there now.  There are many surprises in store for all and you would be surprised as to how much you might find it intriguing, and its not just for the women-folk.  I don’t know how to write that kind of stuff since I veer from it as much as possible.  Things are not as shallow or placed out in front of you.  Things are more complex in Tessa’s world, everything truly has a purpose especially the darker side of things; those who have read it can back that one up.  I would hate for anyone to miss out on a opportunity to take in some of that.

All available options for e-book and even the physical one can be found HERE.

Our Obsession with Happy Endings

Tell me you don’t think about it.  Tell me you don’t know people who get upset when they read a story or watch television/movie and there is not a happy ending.  I can bet those that prefer happy endings are the ones that have changed literature (including scripts) for, quite possibly, the worst.

Not to be mean, really I’m not.  Happy endings are great.  The ones that are needed definitely should stay there. Does the world truly need everything to be so filled with sunshine and lollipops and unicorn’s farting rainbows? If everything ends so wonderfully then how are we truly going to understand life and its multiple layers of lessons?  Yes, everything is a lesson, whether we like it or not. I can understand, maybe, that it is a way of escapism or wishful thinking.  

I’m not saying everything should be written be so drab because what would the fun in that?  What I’m wondering is when did we flip that switch from endings that fit to endings that make a person feel good?  I know we would love to place the blame on Disney, heck I think they’re pretty twisted in what they come up with sometimes.  No matter what, though, endings of stories always change.  The content changes and for that it isn’t just blamed on the big cheese himself.  I come across people all the time who won’t read a book once they find out it doesn’t end well, or leaves things in a quandary or a cliffhanger.  They especially dislike that their favorite characters may die or there happens to be pain and suffering.  Why would that be? Things have become so full of fluff that it is easy to stay up in those clouds of happiness, yet to be down to earth means flaws, suspense, death, pain, suffering, confusion, tears, laughing, justice, vengeance, happy, love; humanity at its finest.

In my opinion I think that if you rob a good story of its true ending, they way it should be written, then it is a story that should sit in a drawer until it is mature enough to give its true ending whether happy, sad, or truly evil. Otherwise it is being robbed of its real potential.  I am one to not shy away from what is needed for a story, even if it is upsetting.  Everything has its purpose and place.  I believe I would be completely ripped apart if someone added a truly happy ending where everything happened right and nobody died.  How much fun would that be?

I’m going to use an example now.  It’s a fairy tale.  You do understand that a lot of the fairy tales were completely different when they were first written.  I definitely would have to do a lot more research if I were to check on the origins of each and every one of the popular tales that were told, I would need to put down my own writing just to get to them all.  For now, we will go for just one.  It is a tale that is so different from what we grew up knowing, yes this is a Disney thank you I’m sure, it seems so innocent.  But it is dark, twisted, and has been changed a few times in itself throughout the generations.


The tale is The Sleeping Beauty.  Are you thinking of a pretty princess dancing around, singing, fairy godmothers, the wicked witch, a spindle, a sweet kiss and a so forth and so on.  The version before the one you recognize was written by Charles Perrault – the Frenchman who also brought you Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood.  He wrote from existing fairy tales and put his own spin on things, oddly lightening them up some more; although he kept things to their closest form.  He wrote “The Sleeping Beauty” for the collection, which he took from , an Italian in the 1600’s and his story “Sole, Luna, e Talia” or “Sun, Moon, and Talia“. The Brother’s Grimm go a hold of the story after Perrault’s but told it a tad different also. It was separated in two parts, the first one ending with the prince finding the sleeping woman and the second called “Little Briar Rose”.  This, more than likely, was probably why we only know the Disney style version since it was separated. But we will focus on the Frenchman and the Italian.

In Perrault’s version, there still was the birth of a princess, fairy’s were in attendance, and it was an old fairy who cursed the child to die on a spindle and with a last fairy changing that curse to 100 years of sleep. Of course what happens after stays about the same.  The spindles are forbidden, she is drawn in anyway and is put into a deep sleep with everyone in the castle put to sleep.  After 100 years a prince checks the castle out during a hunting expedition. He finds out what happens, goes to the princess, falls to his knees and the enchantment comes to an end.  They talk, people wake up, they marry.  Being that they were wed, the prince kept it a secret and she stayed in her palace heading back and forth for many years between his home and the one with his wife.  In those years they had two children, Dawn and Day.  He kept everything secret from his stepmother, who happened to be of ogre lineage.  Once the prince ascended the throne he brought with him his wife and their two children. Disliking the situation, the step-mother sent off the princess to a cabin and given strict instructions to the cook to prepare the boy, Day, for her dinner.  The cook could not bear this so he substituted a lamb in the boys place.  The Queen mother, having liked the boy so much wanted the girl, Dawn, cooked up also.  She was replaced with a goat and the ogre step-mother was pleased and enjoyed the sauce they were prepared in.  Her appetite was not satisfied so she sent for the Sleeping Beauty Queen to be her next course.  As distressed as she was from losing her children to her husband’s step-mother she offered her throat to be slit so she could be able to see her children again.  The cook secretly united the family and the beauty was replaced with a hind.  All three were prepared in the same sauce which made it easier to mask the meals.  She soon found out and prepared a tub in the courtyard filled with vipers and other noxious creatures to kill the family that never became her meal.  The King returns just in time to stop his step-mother.  The Ogress, apparently distraught at her step-son finding out her ill-intended doings, threw herself into the pit and everyone else lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Yes, it had a happy ending.  The tale in between was a bit less savory and lighthearted than the one we grew up with wasn’t it?  So how could the tale become less happy?  For that we look to Giambattista Basile.  He gathered many a tale and put them in a collection of works, although I am curious what he had changed when he wrote them down also.

“Sun, Moon, and Talia is a tad different. Instead of there being a curse, it was prophesy.  Instead of fairy’s there were wise men and astrologers who cast the child’s horoscope. Instead of a splinter it is a piece of flax.  The same is done, the king demand all flax destroyed, the young woman ends up fulfilling her fate, and falls asleep.  She is put away in one of the country estates.  The prince is already a king but he does the same, he see’s the estate, asks about it and the tale and visits.  HERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE AND BEWARE IT IS NOT SO KIND: The king tries to awaken Talia, but is unsuccessful.  Instead he has sex/rapes her then heads back to his own city.  Still deep in her sleep Talia becomes pregnant and gives birth to two children, Sun and Moon.  One day the boy could not find his mother’s breast to feed and ends up suckling on the finger that had the piece of flax in it and it is pulled loose.  Talia is awakened quickly (obviously not startled by the actions, which I am scratching me head about) scoops up her children, names them, and they live happily in their estate.  The King finally returns and is startled to find the three of them.  The big problem is that he is already married to someone else.  He goes back and forth between his two homes.  At nights his wife hears him calling out Sun, Moon, and Talia’s names in his sleep.  She finds out about who he was dreaming about and sends for the children immediately, ripping them from their mother’s arms.  The cook was informed, and like the other story he spared the children and replaced them with animals.  The Queen taunts the King the whole time they are eating.  She also has had Talia brought to court, had ordered a fire to be lit and Talia to be stripped and thrown into the fire.  With each piece of clothing she takes off she cries in sadness at the loss of her children.  The king hears her in the courtyard screaming and crying.  This was when the Queen tells him that Talia will be burned at the stake and that he had unknowingly eaten his own children.  The King, enraged, demanded that the Queen, the secretary that told her about the family, and the cook all be thrown into the fire instead.  When it came time for the cook he quickly explains what really happened with the children and reunites the family, leaving the Queen burn.  He later married Talia and the cook rewarded with a title of royal chamberlain.  So I suppose you would say they lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER. 

Yes, all had happy endings.  In all honesty though, going back in time and stripping away all the  things that make it so happy, happy, joy joy you see the tale as it is.  Somewhat dark, disturbing, and fit for a true tale.  One that you have to work for and push through to get the outcome that you want.  Those are the happy endings I can deal with because the content is so meaty it is worth the meal.  

Life’s little twists and turns

Do you sometimes feel like you are on an expressway, looking for that exit to get off, just hoping to at least find a rest area (or even bathroom) to take a break at?  That is me.  What an….interesting ride and I’m seeing where it is going.  Tomorrow night will be perfect for me to get back into my rhythm of writing, getting settled and all.  I’m hoping the promise of the second book will be enticing enough for those who have read it.  I also it will leave words on people’s lips to share with whoever they can and leave more than just a few reviews.  Tessa needs to live in our hearts, in our minds, and the coming future has so much going on you will do nothing but immerse yourself into its pages.  If you thought there was drama, the family vortex, the wars were nothing compared to what is to become.  Trust me when I say, this will be a trilogy to remember from the moment you pick up the first book.  Enough on that, I am so worried I will give it away.  I still need editors and cover art, and a way to wrap it up to keep it the same size as it was before.  

I am getting a few ideas for concept art, but if anybody out there is a graphic artist, or something that can be sketched and turned, please by all means bring the vision alive.  Editors, help……we now that I can write but I am by far terrible at quite a few things.

Goodnight my blogging friends, I have missed everything about it.  

Whew……the hard part is over

The move is done. I am just about settled and things will be starting anew, yet back to normal if that makes any sense. With every move there comes a bag of mixed emotions. I am sad that I left friends behind and a community I grew comfortable in. I am happy because things start anew and fresh and nothing like the soul-sucking town and life that had grown so big that it was taking on a role of a malignant tumor. The perfect moment came and I jumped quickly at the move and the change. I am one for not staying in one place; as life changes so does location. I suppose that is what happens when a person is born and raised into a military family. I believe, after counting, this is my 20th technical move. Yes, moves across town count too, as do moves back and forth over that huge pond called the Atlantic Ocean. My curiosity now is what new things will inspire me. Will it be looking out the windows into the darkness or the cracking of light at dawn? Will it be the wide-eyed and childlike wonder that I have for new adventures? It could always be the mistress of silence that whispers only in my mind the ideas of both terror and fantasy. No matter what becomes of my future, my past is never forgotten. The one constant happens to be the writing that takes place.

As I slowly gear back up into all the networking and media that I started to become heavily involved in I will apologize to those that have been neglected, unknowingly ignored, or those that have been left behind. Things will become as they were just with a change of locale and quite possibly a fresh intake on things.

Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, my blog, my author page, and all the constant media I find myself involved in; I will do my best to not neglect you all and if I do someone needs to give me swift kick in the cheeks and align me once again.   

For now I will leave on my author page a bio of Emma, as cryptic as it may be it will give insight on who she is, what she feels, and what she aspires to become.  Trust me when I say that she is one to watch for as the series continues.

A journal rambling

Might be the last post for a while unless my frustrations bloom through the phone once again.  Weekend full of so many changes. Curious if my nerves can handle it. So let me put something up that is a wee big more…..calming


This is just a bit of writing I had to do for English summer school (yes, I had a coach for an English teacher the previous school year. His way of the highway and disliked my perception of literature, along with the guidelines.  It drove him batty when I would write in English Proper instead of American English.  He tolerated NONE of that.  But that’s okay, because I aced this class)

The early morning light sparkled and danced its way onto the beautiful and unharmed Earth of old.  It cast crystal rays through the pink, purple, and orange clouds to touch the world with prism dew.  It lay on the ground like air was holding it from touching reality, only lingering lightly on top of the green fresh grass, and hanging off the tips of the softly shaped leaves.  Other water drops jumped onto the intricate works of the worlds many spiders, show off the hard time spent on their beautiful woven work.

Birds sang and chirped happily to greet another wonderful day. Their songs were so different and special, yet they all seemed to be singing in chorus.  They appeared to try and wake the world to see such an everyday miracle occur, that of the sun.

Animals scurried to find the breakfast that is waiting to be hunted or picked.  All of nature seemed to work in sync to make such marvelous thinks work like peace and harmony.  Even the carnivores were friendly with the rest.

This was before all the chaos that had hit, what we know as The Modern World.  Everyone and everything was free to fulfill their wishes and live life to their fullest.