The Girl Who Tore Through Notebooks like a cat on catnip

That’s what I looked like.  Enraged, high, anxious, frustrated, you name it I was feeling it.  Maybe I should explain.  For those who have read some on the blog, or know me personally, know that I have moved.  I used to live in a crummy state and I like it where I am at right now.  I’m finally getting back into the groove of writing and a light-bulb went off in my head.  I have a certain section I wanted to add to.  It was perfect, the descriptions, it conveyed everything I wanted to be told in a way that I could never be able to recreate that moment of writing.  So that was when the freak out happened.  I kid you not, I had already unopened my notebook boxes and have my office set up.  I have no less than 10 notebook strategically lying around the house.  I also have a PC, that is where everything finalizes, and of course my little netbook that helps me in the car or when I’m out of town.  Don’t forget the flash drive please.

It was this piece of work that turned this night time, settling in to do some writing kind of chick into a bee on steroids,  I was buzzing all over the place, my heart in my chest and the pounding in my ears just a tad louder than the tinitus, my breathes drew tight, panic mode was on a countdown.


(Not my office but a good rendition of how it as at this moment)

Two notebooks nothing……….3.  We’re on the 5th one, nothing……..2.  None of the flippin notebooks have it????………1. BOOM.  The tirade began and of course being the middle of the night I have no audience.  I looked at the PC, it was a long shot but I had to start somewhere.  I even looked on the flash drive.  It SHOULD be there but isn’t.  Note to self, stick everything on the flash drive or die!!!! Oh and tea and biscuits for morning please.  Paper Products that may have been lying around that I decided to job things down on….nothing.  Netbook, there are so many things on here I wasn’t sure.  Seriously though, it had been found.  It will no longer be Untitled Document 2 I will tell you that.

So I took in a deep breath, sat down, chamomile and lavender tea in hand getting read to show the magic a certain one one holds for the future.

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  1. I shouldn’t be laughing since I’ve been there and know the panic. It doesn’t always end in victory like with you. So, congrats and finding Untitled Document 2.

    • I bet every Untitled Document will be the first to look at from now on. lol. I am quite certain you understand that frustration.
      I’m contemplating doing a victory lap with the successful find 😀


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