And the early Beta starts!!!!

I’m over 50k words into the first book, and those have not been finalized so it is a draft.  Real draft ready to be molded and suggested.  I would prefer someone who read the first to be able to understand what’s going on, or you could read it for grammar issues (A rule that I suck at).  Things will be handed out in sections of course, but I wanted to get a little heads up this time.  Am I jumping the broom too soon?

email me @ – Subject Line Beta Reader interest.

Am I jumping the gun on this?  I’m new to having extra help 🙂

I love my peeps that have helped me and Ionia and Charles that have kept me going with that cattle prod of theirs.

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  1. Bzzzzzz. 😛 It’s never too early to get an opinion.

    • Even though its not fully complete and in perfect order?

      • Focus on grammar, spelling, and chapter continuity?

      • Same people or give each a task? Or sections? Being a second go round I’m a bit more saavy but not as much. I defitely want to be the writer firsthand. How does one grab Beta readers? I have a few interested parties for different reasons, would it be something to go after or bring in fresh ideas.
        On that subject,,,,,,I need the thoughts of the others who have ready the book that might help me with this next one so I don’t make the same mistake twice

      • If the same people did a good job and they’re willing to go by sections then you should use them. I wouldn’t assign tasks though. You want a beta reader to read like an actual reader. Let them read for everything, so you have a higher chance of catching things.

        I’m still new to beta readers since I used friends and my wife prior to WordPress. So, I can’t be much more help.

  2. I had no access to anything BUT friends or family. The ones who said they would help with it ended up having “life” get involved or just never got back to me. Unfortunately I was relying on them during an open submission with Harper Voyager so when, at the last moment I knew it wasn’t going to happen I had to do a lot of it on my own, those final stages.
    Reboot time, went for the Indie but had a few people take a look and tell me what they thought of they storyline and I am ever so happy to get feedback today.
    So now I am attempting the Beta, people willing to tell me what doesn’t fit right and hopefully some editing.


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