Life’s little twists and turns

Do you sometimes feel like you are on an expressway, looking for that exit to get off, just hoping to at least find a rest area (or even bathroom) to take a break at?  That is me.  What an….interesting ride and I’m seeing where it is going.  Tomorrow night will be perfect for me to get back into my rhythm of writing, getting settled and all.  I’m hoping the promise of the second book will be enticing enough for those who have read it.  I also it will leave words on people’s lips to share with whoever they can and leave more than just a few reviews.  Tessa needs to live in our hearts, in our minds, and the coming future has so much going on you will do nothing but immerse yourself into its pages.  If you thought there was drama, the family vortex, the wars were nothing compared to what is to become.  Trust me when I say, this will be a trilogy to remember from the moment you pick up the first book.  Enough on that, I am so worried I will give it away.  I still need editors and cover art, and a way to wrap it up to keep it the same size as it was before.  

I am getting a few ideas for concept art, but if anybody out there is a graphic artist, or something that can be sketched and turned, please by all means bring the vision alive.  Editors, help……we now that I can write but I am by far terrible at quite a few things.

Goodnight my blogging friends, I have missed everything about it.  

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  1. Don’t you love it when you want to gush about your series, but you can’t because of spoilers.

    • I see the word spoilers and i think of Doctor Who. lol

      But yes, most definitely, quite frustrating

  2. And I realize that typing late at night makes my brain go wonky and my grammar/spelling get’s worse. Go me.


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