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Might be the last post for a while unless my frustrations bloom through the phone once again.  Weekend full of so many changes. Curious if my nerves can handle it. So let me put something up that is a wee big more…..calming


This is just a bit of writing I had to do for English summer school (yes, I had a coach for an English teacher the previous school year. His way of the highway and disliked my perception of literature, along with the guidelines.  It drove him batty when I would write in English Proper instead of American English.  He tolerated NONE of that.  But that’s okay, because I aced this class)

The early morning light sparkled and danced its way onto the beautiful and unharmed Earth of old.  It cast crystal rays through the pink, purple, and orange clouds to touch the world with prism dew.  It lay on the ground like air was holding it from touching reality, only lingering lightly on top of the green fresh grass, and hanging off the tips of the softly shaped leaves.  Other water drops jumped onto the intricate works of the worlds many spiders, show off the hard time spent on their beautiful woven work.

Birds sang and chirped happily to greet another wonderful day. Their songs were so different and special, yet they all seemed to be singing in chorus.  They appeared to try and wake the world to see such an everyday miracle occur, that of the sun.

Animals scurried to find the breakfast that is waiting to be hunted or picked.  All of nature seemed to work in sync to make such marvelous thinks work like peace and harmony.  Even the carnivores were friendly with the rest.

This was before all the chaos that had hit, what we know as The Modern World.  Everyone and everything was free to fulfill their wishes and live life to their fullest.

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  1. Good luck with your weekend. That is a very calming piece of writing. Makes me want to hug a grizzly bear. 😉

  2. Let Charles hug the grizzly bear. We will go get drinks.


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