In Bloom


The wind blows wildly, a seed falls to the ground,

It floats so free and gentle it doesn’t make a sound.

The first stage of life for the seed is brand new,

Its the only one to survive of the fallen that is few.

Burried deep beneath the soil, it’s a warm and cozy feeling

It pops it’s green head above the ground, now it is a seedling;

The growth starts rapidly and up it starts to shoot,

Further and further below it grows from it’s very root.

With sunlight and water that mother nature has given,

This is the reason why this fine plant has risen.

It’s cycle keeps going and a bud it does form,

Closed up in a green back to be hidden from a storm.

When the moment is right, the bud starts to show,

Opening further the colored flower begins to grow;

Blooming and blossoming a red flower is mature,

This is the way life goes, among the loving nature.

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  1. This one be perdy:)


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