The Battle


The fire is lit, the heat begins to pour

The eagles are stalking, beginning to soar;

The volcano erupts and all havoc breaks loose,

There is no real time to just stand there and choose.

If I fight all the thunder, the rage gets immense,

I try hard to control it, my feelings intense;

I’ll lost the battle just as sure as I fight,

But my mind tell me that he had no right.

There is a chance this battle can be won,

I could outdo all the terror in the past I have done;

Give disaster a true fight of wits and brains,

where acid from by body it begins to rain.

I decided to take the challenge, I know that I will win,

For the day way this demons acting, I have made a very bad sin;

The fight starts with me, my angels at my side,

and begin a bloody battle with his demons close behind.

The battle grounds are haunting, our warriors half dead,

But I swear to God “I give up not!”, that is what I said.

Good conquers evil, it was very hard to do,

Now the devil and his victims start back tomorrow new.

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  1. I am really loving this new side of you that you are presenting. No stopping!

    • I’m limited on what i have, lol, considering this is the old me. I suck at poetry now. Works great for not being as attentive to my blog at the moment though.


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