Untitled poem (Any takers on a title?)


More and more I think the thoughts of a world that I once knew.

The laughter, the crying, the horror, the anger, are the thoughts I think of you.

Like an innocent child stealing away in the night, was my life that had passed on by,

Now confusion and emptiness fill my body with sin, giving some reason to die.

What once was wrong is now so right, temptation at the door.

Waiting to pounce at the moment you fall, ready to give you more.

As the night goes on further, the darkness appears, merely showing the shadows of life,

Only a flicker of light on the face of the dead, showing the fears of fright.

Reality comes and goes at its will, showing destruction in me,

For I fear what is spoken and scared of the fist, provoking the devil in thee.

But my anger must cease so to start the wheels, for my life is not yet to begin,

Hate for all those who had altered my state, will not stand for my fight to not win.

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  1. Reflections of innocence

    • oh that sounds good, kind of captures a bit of the actuality. So are the poems massively high schoolish? worth giggles, yet interesting to remember ones own writing and pursuits of the past.

      • Absolutely not. I would be damn proud of that now.

      • Interesting. I would think something written at such a young age, with a non-complicated rhyming system, would be of sub par work and just simplistic.

      • Sometimes you are never to young to be a great talent, such is the case with you i suspect.

      • so many were boy related it wasn’t funny though, but I left those to the side. lol. I used to have hundreds, writing maybe one or two a day. Now, my poetry sucks but my writing has taken over.

      • I like the book so i forgive you lol

  2. Can’t do better than Ionia.


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