The Brook


The water flows and endless flow,

From where it comes, I do not know;

The water is cool and crystal clear,

It is refreshing to drink, and calming to hear.

The ripples and lines move from form to form,

It keeps you from the heat when it get’s too warm.

You can swim an everlasting stroke whenever you like,

Or lead you to wonders on a long hard hike.

It brings life among its banks, every creature in the forest

All the birds in the sky sing a song all in chorus

The fish in the water jump high to the sky,

Acting as though they had wings to fly.

As the sun goes down slowly they go to their own place,

With the sound of the animals ceased, I find no other trace;

Only the crickets that are chirping, the hoot owls singing,

And morning only a few hours away, waking to the early bells ringing.

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