Ahhhhh poetry…. let’s break it up for a moment

Obviously I feel very productive today in all things in short bursts. I was very productive of ignoring the cat before I couldn’t stand it anymore and got up. Yay so PC came on and obviously I was alternating that and organizing waiting for my coffee. Took a nice break and played a video game that stressed me out instead of calming me down.  Then I played me a bit of box tetris because it seriously was driving me crazy. I have 20 moves under my belt I got this 😉

Ahhhh that was done for today. Well until I add more later. Hey I attempted a nap. Hahaha. Instead I geeked it out by watching a tad of a SciFi show. All just in time to get ready for some awesome grilling and somewhat goodbye food by the best grill master that I will miss.

Now as the humidity attempts to suck my air away I could care less because this has probably been the most relaxing day I have had in weeks.
I’m sure the day I sit on my new front porch and look out into a real backyard in a state I know I enjoy better will outdo this kind of relaxation 🙂

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  1. Which video game and sci-fi show?

    • Resident evil revelations for ps3 and Defiance 🙂

      • Been a long time since I played an RE game. Just got into Defiance too. My wife and I are really liking it.

      • I have played every one. This was a dsi3d or something but is on other consoles now. I play re, silent hills, dead spaces, and final fantasy. I like those kind of things. Defiance is slowly coming into itself finally. I like the concept and bonus for h.g. wells for being in it

      • Definite bonus on that. My wife is happy to see Darla from Buffy in there too.

      • I was thinking Dexter and Boondock Saints 2

      • Never saw Boondock Saints 2. She was in the last Rambo movie though.

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