This has got to be the longest day

As I had my nice little meltdown yesterday there were things I needed to be doing. Well that kind of bit me in the big patooty today.
After wrestling with my 11lb kitten (I need to rename him chewy and find the Velcro on him to get him off my arse) to get him to the vet, oddly enough to get him some Valium for a trip, I finally got him in his carrier then a wholr flippin hour for the vet.
So guess who was running around like a chicken with her head cut off w just 3 hrs to walk out the door. Weekend packing ( that thing I didn’t do), maps, make sure animals had what they needed until their weekend sitter came that I bribed with mountain dew and my ps3, then grab everyone to get on the road.
So here I am on the road only halfway there and dying of being cramped. I shouldn’t be, I did this drive not too long ago. I suppose being the passenger makes a world of a difference. And oh look! An unused laptop. Yep not going there. My nerves are not giving me the right vibe. Bonus though, I wrote 2800 words yesterday so I’m back at it 🙂
where was I? Oh yeah. Nerves, blah blah, stuck in car, needs entertain and rescue. Lol

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  1. Stay strong. The car ride always ends eventually.

    • And it has, for the night. Then house looking tomorrow. You would think I’d be buying. Ha. Jump through hoops for rentals. I’m grabbing by the seat of my britches for the ride home on Sunday. That and I kinda like to look like a cowboy.

  2. You poor dear! I hate riding in the car. If i’m driving okay, but i hate riding. I’ve been thinking of you! Yay for the 2800 words. I didn’t write 28 words yesterday. I am impressed!

    • I went quite a few days without writing then got an ephiphany of what to do next, have no clue how it happened.
      And technically you did write, you just blogged it yourself. It’s a big surprise what you learn and get ideas simply by a blog post.
      I do have to be honest that was part of what I owed you. Crack that whip woman!!!! Then bring me a cherry vodka cupcake for the good work.

      We need a porch. for such an occasion.

    • Oh and my butt was so numb by the end of it too.

      • Tell me about it! I feel that way every time we drive from here to Oregon in the summer. The worst was driving the entire way in a manual transmission

      • see you are onthe opposite end of the cost for me. I say mental alcoholic consumption 😀

      • See you are on the other side other country. So when I sit on a porch and take a drink I will mentally share with you. seriously someone needs to invent that. Alcohol by thought through distance.

      • Osmosis hmmmmm

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