Dreaded car ride is over and sneak peek into book two of Vampire Realm.

I had to poke my butt a few times before I could feel anything.  Dang weight loss, the fat cells were no longer covering my muscle.  But being 16lbs lighter is a very good thing 🙂 I will have a friend soon enough that might woop me in into shape we will see.

Since not everyone knows about what’s going on, I will keep it a secret still at a moment, I’m sure some might not be happy or upset about it, who knows. I love it. I love the opportunity that comes with it.  I hope I have a great opportunity to pedal my wares as I work on the second one. I so need to come up with an name.  And cover art ( I know what I want, but getting it done are two separate things.  But I can tell you this, there will be a coming to head moment until another threat rides in and changes the dynamics of the entire situation.  

Jason finds a love. OMG yes, Jason does, can you believe it?

Tessa grows cold but strong and willing to be the Queen she was destined to be.

I need to make Isaac stronger, people seemed to feel his presence wasn’t as big as it should have been.

Emma….well all I have to say is watch out world, especially when she gets reunited with he mother.  Talk about head strong.Definitely not chick lit now is it?  There is going to be lots of war, explosions, fighting, and all sorts of dangerons activity and history into everything.  

Enough. I have told too much.

Charles, would you be willing to take a gander at this book or is it too far beyond your scope of genre’s? Ionioa (I ❤ you guys). I have done 2 ebook giveaways on twitter and have quite a few that signed up for the physical copy that I am amazed. One hand means one opinion and if that opinion is good that they share their love and leave a review and share their love with their friends. Money is secondary to an artist. Its the acceptance that makes one feel as though success is quite impossible.

THAT SAID. I AM DUE A CHARACTER description.  For those who have read the book, or are just curious (you can ask who main ones are), who should be next?

Apologies for the rambling. It happens at night when I’m in between medicines (trust me you want me on it) and bed, this eastern time zone is going to be interesting once again.

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  1. Emma. But not the Emma from before. The Emma from this book.

    • Melinda’s daughter?

      • Yep. But as she is in this book, older and more determined and headstrong

      • She is in the first two 🙂 and headstrong is low version of what she is. She shares a great family trait 😀

      • I remember her being in the first book, I just thought it would be interesting to see how she has changed and have you write her character profile from the point of view of the new book rather than the first one.

      • quite interesting. The two do combine. More of a sneak peak of what isn’t in the book but a bit of a teaser for the next. I like it

      • You are a smart author I like that in a person 🙂

      • you helped in that one. Now to come up with something brilliant enough to take care of both. Hmmmm.
        Emma…..she is so interesting, kinda reminds me of the stubborn rebel in me.

      • I think we do tend to model certain aspects of our characters after ourselves:) I like it

      • Emma is not really the one I was thinking of. lol. I think in the 2nd book she grows quite quickly and gets a big attitude and wake-up. I was in a mood the day I wrote a lot of that part and it showed.But her disdain for the vampires and her perfect vision of her mom……Keeps a person blinded till the realize the whole thing:)

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