As I lay here on my bed attempting to recover from a meltdown I can’t help but be grateful for the other bloggers that have appeared in my life especially one Who made me smile with her intriguing interview she posted.
This is actually the first big meltdown I have had in a while which is pretty darn good. There have been mini ones, but….well authors and even bloggers alike seem to have that stress gene.
All of this reminds a person of one huge thing: we are human. Humans can only handle so much pressure or stress their bodies and minds can handle. There has to be a give and take or the body and mind will laugh and flip you off from the inside all the while daring you to take that last step. Reaction? Well that’s Always the surprise.
so I suppose I should say that that little kink plus evweyrhing on my plate has taken a toll and I call done for the day. Its already going to be a long two weeks as it Is

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  1. We all have meltdowns from time to time. I wish that I could be there to share a cherry vodka with you and bitch about life:)

    • I’d have to buy another bottle….but I’m good with that 😉

      • Lol we would be a dangerous duo

      • I already thought we were……we just take turns unleashing the “beast” I mean the “best” 😉

      • You make a good point. Are you at your destination yet?

      • yes and of course I can’t sleep. I’m now in Eastern time zone, doesn’t help at all. looking for inspiration. I really wish I could bounce things off of you ,but it would be so hard to even explain. Ugh.

      • I’m always here:) I was wishing that this morning too. Distance. Honestly.

  2. Sorry to hear about your meltdown. I hope you recover quickly. I think you’re right about authors and bloggers having the stress gene. We’re very tense.

    • meh those things do happen but it does give a moment of reflection.
      So much to do with the moving and all. Lots and lots to do.

  3. There’s nothing like a good, occasional meltdown to release the tension, level the stress, sharpen the focus, and clean out the mind. It’s the mental and emotional form of taking a strong laxative. All better now! 🙂

  4. I read somewhere that; No matter how good or bad a situation is it will always change. Hope today is a better day for you.

    • There are always good days and bad days. Inside the mind of someone who hardly can turn it off it can get a little crowded with a bunch of things that make simple things feel like pushing a rock up a hill.
      That sounds pretty good, May have to write that down as a positive note.


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