Oh my Gosh I can Breathe…almost

As some know, I have been very very busy.  I have been on the phone, researching, emailing, paying for things and all of the above daily.  It’s been a nightmare. The worst thing is that half my notebooks are in a box I’m going through withdraws so obviously I’m doing the best I can with my laptop.  

But today I get to breath, for maybe an hour or so, then back to what I was doing before.  I’m glad I have high energy, but by 8 I am passing out on the couch.  I hope all this ends soon, which it will.  Until then, I may have to hide behind stacks of clothes for quiet time.  Oh wait!!! I have a bottle of cherry vodka in the freezer….that just might do.

As of late, with everything I am doing, my technology rants keep going with a mixed message.  Thank goodness I get to use them but *#!@ at the same time I have to use them and no way around it. SO booooooooo.

On a good note, the Goodreads drawing is getting a great response and I have already had two successful e-book giveaways on twitter for my followers.  My Queen will live as long as someone has her story in their hands.

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  1. Cherry vodka sounds like a great way to celebrate getting some breathing room.

    • get you a drink along with the cupcake?

      • Gladly. Though, I’ve heard enough about cupcakes today. The toddler is refusing to eat lunch unless he gets a cupcake. Last time he did this, he ate the cupcake and abandoned his lunch. Not falling for that trick again.

      • add the vodka into the cupcake for you and him and he’ll be quiet and you’ll be happy 🙂
        j/k though good grief a toddler on liquor, scary thought

      • He’s already older than I was when I had my first beer. A distracted father and a Chinese hot pepper were involved too.

      • now I’m intrigued

      • Simpler story than one would think. I was 2 and my parents got Chinese food. I snagged a hot pepper off my dad’s plate while he was getting something. I was screeching and the only liquid in reach was his cold beer. So my parents used the beer to cool down my mouth. It explains a lot.

  2. hot pepper and beer cherry vodka cupcakes. I don’t feel so well guys.


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