We Need Love Too (and still wanting to give away that e-book)

How hard is it to get physical response, feedback, interaction, or even an FU?  I know I have a few Buddhists friends (mind you no monks) but even they like to have conversations, just not to my author anything.  So why is it any different on social media.  Twitter putters;  There are a few here, but honestly how can one change things for the better or know the next topic to discuss unless someone speaks up?  I know i’m not the only one.

Twitter has a few good people on there, then other’s don’t seem to give a rodents butt.  My FB author page? Same way. Heck even my facebook friends hardly ever respond, share, or do anything in regard to my book.  Some have or haven’t read the book.  If they got one of the first drafts you would assume they would say “Hey we found some oopsies” unless its judged on that.  If they hated it, review it.  If they loved or liked it, review it and tell me about it.  I like to know who your favorite character is and why because I may be able to develop something from that in the future books.  I get a few responses and I love them dearly for it.  

Honesty, interaction  action speaking.  Its an amazing thing we did before computers.  Is the language dead?  Now that we have computer we can speak on this interweb thingamabob. Its easy.  You put a few words together and *gasp* it makes a sentence or exclamation   There are even little ways to make gestures if you must.  Heck that’s better than nothing.

Crossroads here.  I can’t delete anything but I feel almost as if I’m wasting time for diddly.  I know others feel the same way, from the few that I speak with, they seem to agree. Maybe its a good thing I’m at a stall. 

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  1. Preaching to the choir. Most of my friends rarely share my book news or give me any feedback. I’m not even sure many of them have even read the book. Sadly, I’m learning people are naturally caught up in their own lives and find it easier to say ‘good luck’ than to take the few seconds to spread the news.

    I’ve decided to ignore it and keep going. I talk with 2 people through my FB author blog and I’ve only met one of them in real life. That person was another author I met for a day. I still haven’t figured out how to do conversations in Twitter, but most of my friends aren’t on there. So, I consider myself lucky to have even a few friends that are willing to help me and reap the benefit of me helping them when they ask. That’s always a key point. You find it easier to deny help to a friend who hasn’t helped you. Maybe they’ll get the picture when they have to get that grand piano up 10 flights of stairs by themselves while you watch from safety. 🙂

    • It is quite tempting to tell them “nope”. lol.
      It is very heart tugging but we truck on because we at least each other here.
      I have learned who some of my true friends are though, unfortunately.

      • Same here. At least I know who is going to go the extra mile for me. I think a lot of my friends simply don’t know what to do and are just hanging around waiting to see what happens. All of them bought the book, but only a few seem to have read it.

      • That sounds really familiar. Love they bought your book though 🙂 It would be great to hear why they loved or hated it, or why it wasn’t for them though.

        Yes, those extra mile people hold near and dear and I’ll try and do my part of course because we have to stick together. Or ionia with get a pitchfork after us I fear

      • I have a feeling that a few who refuse to write reviews hated it because of the present tense third person. I should get that phrase tattooed on my forehead.

        Ionia is always there to keep us in line with her pitchforks and cupcakes. 🙂

      • remember my tea talk w Ionia, I was failing English because I wanted it my way, but got my extra credit.

        I like switching tense. I try to find an outlet to change it, and sometimes I like to go around the room. Each character is important.
        That is how you want your book written, then work on it. Or keep it like it is. Even negative reviews are honest feedback in my opinion. Some people just won’t give feedback, which to me is worse.

        She gives you cupcakes?????

      • Well, she wrote a book named ‘Cupcake’, so I think of them a lot nowadays. I recently finished the book, so the thought of those delicious pastries is still fresh.

        The present tense third person thing with me is funny because so many people ask me ‘why’ or tell that I shouldn’t do it. The truth is that I don’t do it intentionally. At some point in my life that became my normal mode of writing. Until I published a book, I didn’t even realize it or know it was an issue. You’d think a college professor would mention it. On the plus side, I seem to have desensitized several of my friends toward present tense.

        I have great respect for authors that can switch tense with ease. I’m not very good at it, so I stay in my safety zone. If you can do it then I tip my hat to you. Almost wrote ‘hate’ there for some reason.

  2. Why yes. Charles and I recently had a conversation about family and friends and their lack of helpfulness when it comes to opinions on your work. Pitchforks I tell you. Pitchforks.

    • you love your pitchforks. I have a few people on a personal level I’m going to send you after 😉
      Yes family and friends are kind of fair weathered I believe.

  3. Tara

     /  May 5, 2013

    I just want you to know that I started the book on Wednesday night and I am enjoying it so far. Life is busy busy these days, but I really enjoyed the first chunk I bit into before the girls woke up. Some of us just like to sip it slow, and not devour… I’m VERY proud of you and very impressed.


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