Conversation and Tea with J.S. Riddle

Hey look! It’s me. Someone likes me, they really, really, likes me 😉
It was fun with the questions, Although how did I get to sound so professional? I’m going to have to work on that.

readful things blog

Today I have the pleasure of sitting down with the lovely and talented author J.S. Riddle. She has truly become one of my very favourite people and I am excited to share her thoughts with all of you. Please welcome her to Readful Things.
Tell us a bit about your past and how you came to be an author

My past was supposed to be kept under lock and key!!! How’d you get that info? 😉 Seriously though, I was a unique child to say the least. I was born in Oxford, UK and moved around a lot; military family. That gave me a chance to really become and individual in its own right. It was the one part that made me….well me. No matter where I went, tales would spin in the brain and eventually spit out into some for or another. I was going through junior high albums…

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