I eat up mythology of all kinds

Those who know me, know this.  Especially Greek and Roman, I’m learning Norse/old Germanic and some Gaelic tales too.  They all facinate me in the art of storytelling.  Nothing makes me happier to sit around a group of kids and tell a PGish version (of thats what the parents want) of the tales, and then wait for the lingerers to ask what really happened and explaining why those myths came about.  I admit it.  I’m a Myth whore. I can’t get enough, especially Greek.  I suppose that’s why I have been signing up left and right on Coursera to get into the classes just to learn.  Certificate of completion is great and all but I absorb the learning part of it.

Those who have read Rise of a Queen and know a little of the books to come, history and mythology go hand in hand.  Lots of research done and so many things to choose from because I dare not chose a tale that everyone knows.  What would be the fun in that?  It definitely beats researching state run insane asylums ages ago, I will get back to that once again when those nightmares wear off.

How much of mythology, of history, or even of yourself do you put into your work of art, whatever it may be.  Writing, painting, music, anything you consider your special talent that you most definitely need to share with the world.  

I have put a lot of myself into my characters, I can breath each and every one of them as if their breathe were mine, I can see from their eyes, I can feel from their souls (the ones that have them).  It could be why it gets to be difficult when I have to write certain scenes that I want to be perfect and as tasteful as possible yet still fill the element of the story to continue its place.  A need for everything, I say.  I will let you know I am definitely not Tessa as some seem to think, she is just my character, but I have on occasion become the Queen in my mind.  Do you become any character of yours?

Also, have you ever realized how long your writing actually ends up being? Do you dare add to it or cut it?  I am quite afraid I will want to cut the 2nd in the series and I scream to do no such thing.

I may have broken some of Ionia’s rules 😉 but its okay, I’m sure she’ll get me back somewhere along the way

Good medicine gone rogue

It’s allergy season and I’m miserable.  Go ahead and laugh…………ok now stop.  

I have tried most everything except for going  back to my allergist (yes I have one because i suck) because I know she will start me on shots, and needles are one of the many things that will have me kung fu fighting anybody coming near me with one.  So I get medicine.  Lots and lots of medicine.  So what happens when you’re body get’s used to it?  You walk around the house like a zombie hoping you look as cool as the ones on The Walking Dead, but doubting it with the tissues coming out of the pockets.

I was up late last night, really late.  That’s normal for me.  But this time I was up WAITING for benadryl to kick in since it kicks my butt to sleep anyway.  Nope. It didn’t.  The little pink bastards weren’t going to give me the satisfaction.  Instead, combined with other things, I was in a half state and not sure what to do.  So guess who was writing in the dark, laptop on my bed?  Meeeee……great answer 🙂  I got quite a few good things in, rereading today to make sure it really made sense and we’re good to go on that part.  But, well, um, it was an interesting “trip” waiting to get to sleep.

Between talking with someone over a photocopied butt as a signature (yeah I went there, all the way to elementary school humor) and it ending up being part of a broad spectrum discussion on war strategies and how long would the mooners take with their march time in battle (Gotta love my old online gaming buddies.Those were fun times).  The moment I realized I was really buggy was when the kitty got on my arm and all I saw was the silhouette of his face staring at me.  I literally went “Eek”.  Who does that? I always thought it was just a silly thing, but apparently people really eek. It’s a who knew kind of question.  So I ran to turn the lights on and decided it was best make up with the kitten, who was taking none of it, 

About 4 I finally got tired enough where I could go to sleep, up high on my pile of pillows like a queen in her funeral bed, and pray for no coughing and some breathing for, you know, living measures.  And here I am now, listening to everyone outside mow their lawns to kick up all the pollen that’s been attacking me screaming “CURSES” cause people do that. Fists in the air everyone!!!  I’m sequestered in my own home but for a different reason. Bleh.  So if you get a nice lovely post that makes no sense whatsoever someone needs to scream and reply J.S.  snap out of it chica cause you’re going bat crap crazy!!!!

Rise of a Queen by J.S. Riddle

Thank you Ionia for the review….I’m quite certain she has a much better way with words than I.

readful things blog

When her human life became engulfed in darkness, despair, and pain Tessa decided to leave that world behind. She followed her heart to stand beside her love, Greco, ruler of one of the more prominent vampire clans, the Levé’s, ultimately becoming their Queen. She becomes an intricate part in the domination of all mankind, overseen by the Vampire Nation.
She is torn by both sides of a spectrum. Her love for Greco came with a new devotion to all things vampire, yet she cannot seem to shake humanity aside and ultimately vows to unite the two worlds some day.
By unforeseeable circumstances she is left to rule her clan alone, with only the assistance and guidance of her loyal counselors Drake, Bade, Vala, and Andreas. With gearing wars with an equally dominant rival clan, the Krones, and human rebels at her doorstep, she has no choice but to become a…

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I went Cliche the other day

and went to a coffee shop down the road.  I grabbed a tall caramel latte, laid out my notebooks, my laptop, pens and turned on the ipod.  I was a writer in a coffee shop.  See? Cliche.  I got some great work done, although my wallet cannot support me each and every time, and I finished up a chapter.  Then the fun started.  

What’s better than one writer in a coffee shop?  TWO!!! (Thanks to a 3rd writers comment on my first one) Two great friends sitting together and catching up over long due news and events.  When you have good friends around you it makes a very huge impact on how a person can feel about themselves, and I do so enjoy having friends with things in common.  Sometimes we forget that there are people out there.  It is quite easy to crawl into a hole to ding out what might be your next best section and forget everything that goes by.  How much do we miss doing that?  I know I miss a lot.  So the reality check is there saying  “Hello, remember me?  I’m your social perspective and you need to get out some,”  And that I did.

There is one thing that I have learned as I feel somewhat hopelessly stuck where I am at is that I actually do have friends.  What makes these friends great?  We all march to the beat of a different drummer, heck a few of us have our own bands.  Some of them literally, but no name dropping.  But somehow, between all of it we can still sit down to have a nice cup of coffee and talk. Just talk.  Music, movies, tv geekiness (yes I showed off my sonic screwdriver pen, you all probably just laugh or don’t believe me, but I’m thinking there should be a photo at the end of this) and life that just likes to give us a nice swift kick up the wazzoo to remind us to keep on truckin’.  I can honestly say that yesterday was a good day for me and cannot wait to do it again.

ImageMy very first autograph in what could only be considered wanna-be doctor writing (hey, I get that as double-speak now).  The new thing you learned about me is that I’m left handed.  Anyone willing to hold up a hand to be able to interpret my words into digital format?  I didn’t think so, but it’s always worth a shot.

Amazon has listened???? What? Seriously?

2 weeks speaking to Amazon about the idea of possibly, oh I don’t know, putting my e-book and paperback together on one page, and as I began to pull out my shedding winter hair I FINALLY get the combination so it is much easier to make your choice on Rise of a Queen. 

I know it sounds silly, it does to me.  Why would I be so happy about this?  One big reason is because people were finding it difficult to navigate around and figure out the whole Amazon system when there were both copies in different search engines.  It also helps with the reviews being kept together.  Did you just hear the words blah blah blah come out of your ears when you read that?  Or maybe it was in the tone of adults in Charlie Brown.  No matter how or why IT IS DONE.

So you can go HERE and see the two together.  I’m much better on the telephone talking firm yet gentle than I am at navigating all this technology.  I’m still throwing my fist in the air saying “Curses” but that’s neither here nor there.


Its late and I’m piddling around

And I’ve taken an ambien.  What a wonderful journey that is when I write. Good luck in desiphering anything written by hand I notice.  Blogging seems to work well.

I know I’ve thrown a lot of things out there as of late, but I felt i needed to catch up on sending things out due to holiday time and a house full of the kiddo’s. Now it is peacful with the cat at my feet and the dog at my hip.  I am blog blocked though. Oh no.  I miss it. I truly miss it.

I posted about Tessa…..was it decent? Has it been read? If anybody wants to add something to it, by all means. I’d like to know what you think of her, what she is, what she should be, your guesses on what she evolves into.

The next question: who would you like to know more about? Greco? Bryon? Isabel? Desdemona? I will attempt to not give away anything.

AND I am hearing different things from both camps of early readers and just for giggles I want to know.  Team Greco or Team Isaac?  (since I’m not fond of Twilight.  Sorry. I’m not)

Get to know Tessa

Tessa’s character profile from Rise of a Queen is up on the site (I believe it was late yesterday I put it up).  I figured she was the one to push the story forward so the perfect one to get to know first.  You can read about her HERE

And the Sony snail hits the finish line!!!

After the Feb 14th release of Rise of a Queen, Sony has finally gotten on the ball and put it up in their e-store.  So if you have a sony reader, use their site and haven’t bought my book, now’s the time to head over there to do exactly that, just click on their name or visit my website here for all your possibilities


I have attempted to do some more writing. Emotions boiled through and some things have been written. As always they will be filled in more and put in their rightful place. I am notorious for moving my chapters around.  And those that have read what I have written know that I buck the system with point of view, but to be fair I do use separators.

Why am I excited about freedom? Well, for the past two weeks I have been completely busy watching multiple ages of kids during their spring break and as much as I love my teenage nieces there is one key word…..teenagers.  I bow to my brother and sister-in-law for what they deal with and I love my nieces but oh how I can’t wait to get back to normal. (Again, I LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!!!)  

It’s interesting on the book front. I love Tessa I love her great divide with her sister. I love the sides that are chosen and the war that ensues. One little hint……I will give Jason a love interest for a while.  Oh how I wish that I could discuss more, I really do. To do that, Vampire Realm needs to be read. I want to share it with you, and I want you to have emotions, good or bad. The goal is to connect to Tessa, and if you choose to read the next two I want you to join on the other character’s journeys.  

My geek season ends and it begins (we’re talking TV people)

Yes, my geekiness.  You’ve heard of it, you’ve gotten a taste of it.  But ohhhhhh my love has come back to me this week.  The Blue Box arrived on Saturday and I couldn’t have been happier. I suppose I was slightly happier than normal considering the amount of wine I drank at a function beforehand…..but that matters none.  I admit I am a Doctor Who junkie. Yes, handcuff me, but it better be wood since the sonic screwdriver cannot pass through it. 

Seeeeeee geekness.  So how does someone who loves to read and write horror/supernatural things had such a love for the science fiction? I think we are all crossovers if you think about it.  How boring would it be if we stuck to just one genre? Those people are booooorrrrrriiiingggg.  

I do say goodbye to my horror show of the season, The Walking Dead.  So I suppose that fits with me, although writing about zombies will be a unique experience, what would one call them besides zombies? I like the whole idea of a mutated virus, but not as much on the “victims” I like the survivalist kind of story, the growing of the characters, THAT is what I enjoy.

Winter is Coming…..oh wait, winter HAS come and is now making me giddy the moment I hear the Game of Thrones theme song. I don’t care if it has words, it is my favorite score of all time!!!!!  How is it that you watch an entire episode it feels like fifteen minutes.  Yes I know, I know I hear it all the time.  I am told to READ THE BOOKS!!! I definitely want to do that, but then I like suspense and not knowing what will be happening.  On top of that, it makes it hard for me to write. As I am working toward my goal with The Vampire Realm series it will begin to mesh between the supernatural world and the fantasy world and I would hate to steal ideas from the likes of our dear beloved George R.R. Martin.

Last thing and I will be quiet about television.  My new enjoyment? History channel’s Vikings. If you like stories similar to Game of Thrones, Rome, The Tudors, anything of that sort you will enjoy Vikings.  5 thumbs up for that one 🙂 

Your geekness is out!!!