Copy of my tweet for the next free e-book drawing

I’ll tweet again.If word gets spread & I get 50 followers, free e-book . If u tweet me, tell me what u expect in a vamp, u r in

So basically, tell me your ideal vampire, add me to twitter, spread the word and we’ll have some fun with this 🙂


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  1. Ideal vampire would be a violent one that actually drinks human blood.

    • what a concept right? How about one that drinks blood AND goes on a blood reign of terror and revenge 😉

      • I think vampires call that Thursday night. 😉 One vampire thing I could never get behind (besides Captain Sparkles) are the ones that wanted to destroy or turn all of humanity. Don’t they realize they lose their food source with that move?

      • yeah cause humans can be cattle AND slaves 😉

      • It’s what we’re best at. 😀

      • Still like my moo cow though, but hey, a vamps gotta do what they gotta do.

  2. No sparkly skinny jean wearing biotches. Did I spell biotches right?

    • I believe so, but ya know? I think you should ask Charles, he might be more into the know than me. lol 😀
      Sparkly get’s impaled with a blade quite quickly before it touches the page.
      Skinny jeans make me suffocate, I doubt I’d put my characters through that


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