Book giveaway idea?

Since I did it last night, give it some daylight time

J.S. Riddle

When I hear back from the one who won the last e-book giveaway I have been contemplating another one.  But this time it may be a little more complicated.  The last time it was about 45 minutes surprise on Twitter.  I’m taking to wordpress (yes it goes off to other pages but my WP family are ones who are my lovies, even those who are quiet.  Maybe this will bring you out of the shell.

I’m looking for ideas on how to go about doing this, and maybe if it gets successful I may even have a paperback I can send you if I get enough feedback.  Sound fair?

Now, a few concepts have come to my attention, one being concept art.  But obviously those are readers who have a feel for the characters.  So what else would be an interesting topic to start the give-away? maybe even a few…

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