What happens when a character gets too big for their britches?

I’m finishing up one section of my second book in the Vampire Realm series (which by the way for a few I may have to fish around for a good title that won’t give away the big surprise in the first one).  There are multiple ones with a few different story lines that all mesh into one another.  As I have stated before, I don’t just focus on one character and I promise you on this one that there are going to be a few front and center.  We’ve got Tessa, Jason and the advisors on the vampire side.  On the other we have the I.F.F. (Independent Freedom Fighters aka human rebels) with Melinda, Emma, and their expanded army.  There is a 3rd that is a big shhhhhhh at the moment.

THAT BEING SAID.  Emma has gotten quite a strong voice of her own.  I didn’t intentionally do that, and yes I reigned her in, but oh my goodness the writing that just flew out of my brain to my fingers just happened to be more than I ever thought it could be.  Emma is definitely becoming like her mother AND Tessa.  That is good.  She is a true character.  She changes from the first book, which I wanted.  Change happens with growth, but boy is she a strong-willed, more than anticipated.

Here’s the big question.  As I’m trying to reign her in and make Melinda a bigger focus on the human side how do I humble such a young adult?  Obviously she gets reunited with her Melinda.  It was bound to happen and it makes for a great divide and a pinnacle moment in the book.  I just wasn’t expecting such a personality to come from such a character.

I’ve got great character’s, mind you. I just really want to bring Melinda, and even Tessa from the other side out, stronger than I have Emma, Jason, and those who are in the know, Ariana (a key element for the next two books).  

In a quandary and could use a few writer’s perspectives on this one.

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  1. I’ve had a few characters rise up to a level that I didn’t expect. Typically, I’ve left them there and see what they do with the other characters. A character in my fourth book does something like this and I realized she went back to her more humble, flirty nature when reunited with the other characters. Is it possible that Emma is evolving like this because she doesn’t have the other characters around her? I don’t know the story, but it sounds like she’s been separated from her friends and is developing thick skin to survive.

    • Ionia could probably give you some insight into Emma, she read her growing up in her environment. It is actually the removal of the environment from book 1 into something she thought she wanted and it turned into nothing like she planned and she kind of grew up, became her own person, and kind of came to a realization about the similarities of the two places, both of which she doesn’t care much for. I just don’t want her to overshadow Melinda (her mother) but its kind of what its looking like. :/ I think once the big pinnacle point that involves her things will level out hopefully. I just don’t want to lose Melinda in the fold

      • You might have to do some things to empower and focus on Melinda alone. Sometimes there are characters that swoop in to overshadow the one you want to focus on. In my series, I just realized that the hero I focused on more than the other 5 champions, is actually turning out to be the weakest in terms of power. He’s also turning into the romantic storyline lead more than the adventure. It could change, but he’s really being overshadowed by the two female heroes. I’m just letting it play out and adding in subplots for the guy. Hopefully, he evens out with them, but forcing it will probably damage the character.

      • ok then we are on the same page in a way. The two big characters are really being overshadowed and I don’t want that too much :/ You could be right, they might blend later on.

      • I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

      • Same with you!!! seems we feel the same character growing pains

  2. Advice: stop being such a mother hen and let her make the decisions. She might surprise you;) let her decide her place in the story through your muse!

    • Oh she has definitely surprised me on this one. When I mean too big for her britches that’s putting it lightly. She actually becomes quite vocal on a number of matters even telling Melinda she’s just like Tessa just on the other side of the fence!!!

      • 🙂 building string characters is an art form

      • I’d rather make string cheese 😀

        I just have many key points that will happen anyway and a central part of it will change the main ones completely anyway….then there’s the leadup to book 3. That one will take a totally different turn.

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