Quite possibly ghosts

or other little devilishly devious sprites, maybe Loki himself we’ll never know the entire tale of confusion that sent me into a spiraling quandary of oddities.

“What was that she just spouted” you’re asking?

I blogged the other day and was completely confused at an oddity that I had never encountered in the world of lovely social media and being an Independent Author.  I wasn’t sure what was normal and what wasn’t.  I am no longer confused, all is right in the world as well as can be expected in regard to technology for the day.  That is the best I can hope for, right?  The winds might blow another direction tomorrow to begin another tale of quandary or just plain craziness.

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  1. Sounds like Gremlins.

    • of the traditional kind of the ones not to feed after midnight? Personally I’ve always wanted a mogwai

      • Traditional. The other ones don’t even try to hide. I’d love to have a mogwai too, but I’m pretty sure the toddler would toss it into the bathtub within minutes.

      • Who wouldn’t be curious about that? Toddlers, so cute….when they’re sleeping

      • Usually. Mine bangs his head on the mattress when he sleeps, so there’s a perpetual squeaking of springs for long periods of time. Can’t break that habit without waking him.

      • must have a pretty hard head if it doesn’t wake him 🙂

      • Takes after me with that rock-hard skull.

      • turn that skull into punk-rock maybe it might make things more….musical?

      • It is a steady beat, but it’s just painful to listen to. That just means it’s closer to metal, I guess. 😛

  2. I was going to try to say something intelligent but then I read your comments and I’m lost on it. Maybe that is what has been plugging up my shower drain.


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