Conflict: Fancy Way of Saying Good vs. Evil


Legends of Windemere

This topic has been sitting on my ‘thought post’ list for a long time.  I believe I had a genius post for it in January and figured it was so great that it would stay with me as I built up to it.  Then, I wandered off to other topics and forgot what I was going to say.  Still, I think this is an important topic for writers.

We say ‘good vs. evil’ to make the idea of conflict simplistic, but it is rarely that easy.  Yes, the hero is going to save the damsel while the villain is going to lock her in the tower.  Hero equals good, villain equals bad.  It is the basis of almost every story ever written even if the ‘villain’ is nothing more than self-doubt or other crippling emotions.  The ‘evil’ side of the equation is really the obstacle, which is not always as…

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