Feeling Down and Irritable

He’s obviously put some great thought into what he’s done and has worked hard, I can see the frustration and want to share some love and maybe some insight

Legends of Windemere

Sundays have become infamous for low (or no) sales days for my book.  Not sure why, but today is looking like it will knock off all those Amazon lists completely.  I’ve been preparing myself for this and trying to find a way to soften the blow.  I was doing okay until a thought crossed my mind:

I’ve seen a lot of self-published authors talk about how important ‘word of mouth’ is and I’ve preached it too.  I use social media, support other authors, and do whatever I can to spread the word of my book and the books of other authors.  I greatly appreciate the hep and advice I’ve received from all of the WordPress friends that I’ve made.  Yet, there is a piece of my puzzle that’s lacking and it’s finally hitting a point where I’m annoyed.

Back when I set out to be an author full-time, I announced…

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