Amazon has listened???? What? Seriously?

2 weeks speaking to Amazon about the idea of possibly, oh I don’t know, putting my e-book and paperback together on one page, and as I began to pull out my shedding winter hair I FINALLY get the combination so it is much easier to make your choice on Rise of a Queen. 

I know it sounds silly, it does to me.  Why would I be so happy about this?  One big reason is because people were finding it difficult to navigate around and figure out the whole Amazon system when there were both copies in different search engines.  It also helps with the reviews being kept together.  Did you just hear the words blah blah blah come out of your ears when you read that?  Or maybe it was in the tone of adults in Charlie Brown.  No matter how or why IT IS DONE.

So you can go HERE and see the two together.  I’m much better on the telephone talking firm yet gentle than I am at navigating all this technology.  I’m still throwing my fist in the air saying “Curses” but that’s neither here nor there.


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