What’s In a Name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.” – William Shakespeare

Why yes, I did quote Romeo & Juliet, a romantic tragedy. No worries, I’m not headed in that direction; I want to stay far away from anything with fifty shades or covers with bare chested men grasping a damsel in distress.

As I sit here finding every small reason NOT to work a little on the second in my series I begin to think, while I am doing said things.  I haven’t even given it a title.  Such a small thing I know.  Considering I realized too much content was written to be just one book, there wasn’t much of a need for anything as big as a virtual textbook and seriously, how fun are those?

So what’s in a name?  The Vampire Realm was it full original title.  When I split it up, Rise of a Queen was a long thought out choice but very obvious considering the reader follow Tessa’s growth from her past, rebirth  new responsibilities  unsure of herself, and then ultimately a strong, powerful, and most definitely vengeful being.  Along all that growth a glimpse of many an antagonist are brought about; also the ones that move through time, some make it to the next round.

If you haven’t read it, no worries, I won’t give away the big spoilers, what fun is that?  That being said, names are not spoilers.  The journey will still follow Tessa, but open up wider for Jason, Melinda, Emma, and especially Ariana. Each character with their own story that meld so finely with the others it is a continuous flow, and hopefully one that captures the heart or the reader.  The second book is like a second chapter in their lives.

That is where the problem will be. What to name the second book?  How would I give it a proper title without giving away learned events from the first one?  The name should take on a life of its own I should think.  Book two sounds so boring, when I gave the first one a title.

As I am giving myself a deadline of six months at the latest, I know I have plenty of time.  It’s even a minor thought at the moment; a pea in a soup, a splinter in a boat, etc… At this moment I need to worry more about how I’m going to give certain characters a grand demise, because you know that’s what I do.  Oddly, life and death are still prominent in the vampire AND human world.  Nobody is invincible. Or are they?  *wink, wink*

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