The Importance of being……..well Important

To be Important is……well important

It is such a simple phrase. The word important is explosive.


  [im-pawr-tnt]  Show IPA



of much or great significance or consequence: an important event in world history.


mattering much (usually followed by to  ): details important to afair decision.

But what makes a person important is a deeper subject. HA, I so have no studies for that. Because I’m not anyone of significance. I am me. That is that. I am sure as you grew up you had your groups, your cultures, and for a certain elite crew the golden road paved for them if they so chose. Half of them never made it and have a few bricks loose, if you know what i mean. But that in itself didn’t make them important. It made them a legacy of someone who at one point in time pushed their way to the top. Always a struggler, a fighter. It’s possible I suppose.

Then there are the under important. The dregs if humanity sitting in the in the shadows in full daylight. Some will to get a lift up. I have been one of the, unfortunately. My background is so full of drama I so want to write that.

The there are the rest of us. Where do we exist, or even place, in the sliding scale of humanity. Where do I fit in? I’m not successful, yet. I’ve striven long enough. But I wouldn’t consider myself important.

Where do you fit in. I’d like to know. What are your thoughts on yourself, your importance and your success or goals?

As someone who can truly claim individuality, I understand it is not important, yet it matters to me. If I die tomorrow the world will not mourn, yet those who truly know and love me will cherish the life and joy that I gave them.

Wow what a bummer of a blog right? That can’t be right. So I will leave you with something totally geek worthy.

shaun 2Shaun of the Dead

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  1. Waaaay too much emphasis is placed on self-importance, my children think Im important because right now theyre small and Im their world but as they grow and mature even that will be subject to change. I am just like you in the shadows but Im more concerned with life quality instead of quantity. Which is basically the long winded way of saying I agree with you.


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