Do I Sleep?

That one is up for discussion.  Yes, there are times my pillow hits the head, but then there are times when my mind won’t shut up and I end up back on the computer, laptop, or find one of my hundreds of notebooks hidden around the house.  Anybody touches a red one and the will burn in the pits of their choosing.

Do I sound starky when I talk about myself?  Do I sound overconfident? Maybe.

But in all honesty I am trying to make the best of the technological world and I am by not means old.  How old is too old anyway. lots of philisophical questions that are meant to be thought upon at a much later date.

But for now, I should most definitely attempt going to sleep.  If you haven’t checked out my page, I’ve added the synopsis of the book I will be putting out very soon and the first chapter.

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