The First Post……aka writer’s block

I have been writing for so many years you would think that keeping up a blog would be very easy.  I use Facebook on a daily basis so I am used to status feeds and re-posting of cute, geeky, or just downright freaky pictures. But blogging isn’t about that now is it?  Its supposed to be about me, what goes on in my life, and every update that I could think of importance, am I correct?  If not, by all means someone point me in the right direction.

Let’s get to the main reason I am here.  I am an author.  It is the electronics age and it seems that you have to have 1,000,001 different ways to get your information out there even before you publish a single book.  So guess what I’m trying to do?  Yep, that’s right. Advance to the next level and get that first book out there in everyone’s hands.  So yes, I am here to shamelessly give every detail I can about the book and the writing process as I avoid that gritting humble tone in the back of my mind that eerily sounds  a lot like my grandmother telling me not to flaunt it.

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